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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by kissit123, Feb 4, 2015.


Who agrees with me?

  1. Totally agree. WAY too overpowered!

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  2. I don't agree. I beat it easy.

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  3. I'm not on the boss yet.

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  1. kissit123

    kissit123 Big Damn Hero

    Seriously, the Penguin mech boss (Weapon Testing Site) is ridiculously overpowered. All attacks are single-hit, dodging the rockets is nigh impossible (and they are also single-hit), and the Overload attack is nigh-undodgeable and each blast takes out half health.
  2. Pardos

    Pardos Pangalactic Porcupine

    Try to hit the rockets with a rapid fire mid-to-long range weapon (such as a lightning knife or a machine gun). Also, get your ship upgraded til you get a crafting station in a small room and craft a portable pixel printer there. It allows ya to craft some pretty damn powerful healing items. Alternatively, go tear down plants in a jungle biome. They frequently drop items needed to craft medkits.
  3. kissit123

    kissit123 Big Damn Hero

    I have no idea how to upgrade the size of my ship. Been running with the tiny starter one for EVER.

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