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    (NEW) Updated with ways to defeat the PGSM!

    Yeah, planetary scale. Sencient things which mere breath is enough to move away atmosphere, movement is enough to change orbits and merely existing creates ripples of chaos through the universe.

    • Name: Varied. Usually such things or come of nowhere, and quickly are named as something apocalyptic, or they have been seen before, but in a VERY, VERY long time ago, and so are part of stories, legends and religions. I suggest a Random Scary Name Generator for this...
    • Threat Rating: 100+. Yes. It goes beyond the scale, since besides being very hard to fight and harder to kill, it causes a big array of different problems by being there.
    • Size: variable. Minimal size equal to a planet of medium size(Earth, as an example). Bigger ones can exist.
    • Possibilities: since Starbound uses random generation to make creatures, anything can show up.
    Because of it, i will focus this post more in different effects this being can create.

    THE PGSM Disaster Scale

    The Planet-Galaxy Scale Monster(PGSM) Disaster Scale is a scale created for simplifying communication regarding various damages made by such monsters.

    • 0.0. In this case, the most desired, nothing happened. The universe is at peace.
    • 1.0. Various disturbances can be felt through a region, usually a solar system or more. The gravity of a PGSM starts interfeering with celestial bodies, causing environmental changes. Deserts start developing life, through suns getting a little more far. Asteroid bases start a crash orbit. Earthquakes start happening because of extra movement in tectonic masses.

      Also, the mental waves of a PGSM are in size and power much higher than that of a common-sized being. So, punctuated cases of various madness in more sensitive living beings can be found.

      Because of the origin of such problems, solutions are permanent, but don't need much regulation.
    • 2.0. The thing is getting closer, enough to the disturbances increase in size. Apocalyptic events aren't happening yet, but everything that happens in 1.0 is stronger, with an extra hinderance: feelings of fear and despair start to show up. Small, but noticeable.
    • 3.0. The being is visible now, because is close. Apocalyptic events happen at long-range thinking: if a moon is with an closer orbit of a planet, tides will rise. Rising tides take out livable soil, that was used for agriculture, energy generation and so, millions will die.

      A closer sun causes desertification to increase, with life becoming harsher to beings not accostumed with such heat.

      Planets can start to CRACK. And to get things worse, since what keeps life in planets is a delicate equillibrium between distance to a star, orbit, rotation and translation speed, fauna, flora... a PGSM at this scale messes with all of this, so, a solar system is with Apocalypse starting.

      To get things WORSE, this knowledge spread fear and madness as a virus, increased by the mental waves getting closer and so, stronger. This makes a challenge for governments to act firm and help the population, and for anyone to keep his cool and act with good reasoning.
    • 4.0. The PGSM is getting closer of a planet, enough to start a short-range time Apocalypse. The huge gravity field starts messing with the planet as a whole, and life has hours-days to go away before dying.
    • 5.0. The PGSM is in CONTACT with a planet. This often happens if the being is feeding itself or simply is ignoring the planet in question. Apocalypse, with destruction of the planet in minutes-hours. Survival becomes nearly impossible. Nearly only because prepared enough beings can try to leave the planet or get a ride IN THE PGSM.
    • 6.0. Effects of a 5.0, but in 2+ planets at the same time. This can be accomplished when the PGSM in question is big enough to do it so, either by contact or getting close enough to make the same effect.
    • 7.0. The PGSM now threats a whole Solar System into its end. Usually this happens when it decided that the main energy source of such Solar System is a good meal...
    With such power, surely they would be truly Bringers of The End, but it's a well known fact that sentient beings are really good at staying alve, or else they wouldn't be so spread around the universe..., there are ways to fight and defeat such things.


    The Final Horizon Counter-Measures Archive is a theorical compendium made of a series of plans, schemes and considerations regarding hypotethical situations with potential to end life as we know it in various scale, starting as what is discussed here and going on to the End Of The Universe As We Know It.

    It's theorical because such things haven't been seen in the universe yet, and also because the Archive in question is a myth that very few seen before, for security reasons. The results of revealing detailed plans about how to deal with a Spiral Nemesis, a Reality Change of Paradigms or a Deity Final Revelation would itself result in a event notable enough to be in the Archive... and in fact, it is.

    In what regard fighting against the PGSM...
    • Phase 1: Discovering The Threat. Since a PGSM is a being of brutal capacity and raw power, knowing of it as soon as possible is of vital importance. So, when events of 0.0 to 2.0 in the PGSM Disaster Scale happens, analysis of it, through all possible means must be done, together with search of clues specific to known threats.

      All must be done without revealing its true purpose, or else the consequences can reach a 3.0 Disaster.

      Focus must be made in
      gravity analysis(since most of PGSM has a tremendous mass), psychic measuring(because usually PGSM aren't sentient of have an insect/reptile Earthly intelligence but their size makes their brain waves to reach far distances), energetic, anti-matter and radioactive readings(PGSM needs huge amounts of energy, and so such readings can show enough changes) and dimensional openings(to avoid sudden movements in the Disaster Scale).
    • Phase 2: Investigating The Monster. A PGSM can have any kind of form, relative size, intelligence, composition and forms of attacking and defending itself. So, any kind of strategy becomes useless before knowing EXACTLY against what is been faced.

      2a: Space Probes.
      Space Probes are the best first-contact choice. They are common enough in most galaxies to avoid suspicion, are easy and cheap enough to be done, and can be controlled of a safe distance.Still, the probes sent must use the minimal amount of energy, and be as much stealthy as possible to avoid further complications of the situation. They also must carry all possible ways to retireve information about the PGSM, as spectographic analysis, visual recordings...

      2b: Compiling and Processing Information.
      After enough data has being acquired, it must be analyzed and compared with myths, stories and ancient text. Virtual simulations about it have to be constructed to start predictions involving minimization of damage and behavior of the creature, but mainly for virtual training for the next phases.

      2c: Sending Elite Groups.
      After enough information is processed, groups of sentient beings must be sent to where the PGSM is, with the mission to gather more data and investigate.The groups must be made of different species and different specializations, and a leader who must not be an specialist, but a generalist, to be able to consider the multiple points of view. They must be the best that can be found in the universe, and must be convinced at all means to work in the mission. A constant link to talk with Mission Control is a high priority.
    • Phase 3: Fighting Against It. When enough is knew, plans for minimizing the threat of the PGSM must be done. Combat is to be avoided: the best solution is to make the monster to turn back or be stationary to as much galaxies as possible, but is covered in this section as well.

      3a: "Euthanasia".
      An Elite team must be assembled and sent to the PGSM, with equipment to enter inside it and reach various equivallent to vital organs plus the brain stem. Lethal damage must be done to all, until the threat is nullified. Is to be expected resistance of the immune defense systems and problems involving travelling in it's vital systems.

      3b: Dimensional Pushing.
      The PGSM must be attracted far away from any kind of planet with life, while a dimensional rift to a well known plane of existance is created temporarily. Then the PGSM must be sent through the rift, that will be closed. Problems with such plan includes the gigantic amounts of energy necessary to open a dimensional rift in the first place.

      3c: "Heavens-Piercing" Battle.
      A giant structure of enough capacity must be created to fight against the PGSM.

      Of all plans, this is the one with most recommendations AGAINST, since a) The creation of a so big invention will be discovered and so the universe ends thrown in a 3.0 regarding psychological effects; b) The battle of two things which movement changes orbits of Solar Systems is the opposite what this Archive is for; c) In case of victory, the invention will be seek out by various groups, similar to the Anti-Matter Bomb Incidents; d) In case of defeat, the PGSM will be very active, will feed of the invention and possibly will enter in a galatic rampage.

      3d: Solar Barrage.
      Various Planet-Busters(shipes with means to damage a planet) must be created and positioned close to a star, and charged with the energy of it. Then, they must go to fight against the PGSM, attracting it to the star until it falls in it and dies by burning.This plan is risky, namely because it won't be easy to find so many pliots and crews psychologically insane enough to accept it...

      3e: Planetary Barrage(suggested by Space Sphere). Various planets are prepared with space siege weapons in its surface, the same with asteroids and moons. The plan is simply FULL ARTILERRY, as much as possible, and as precise as possible.

      3f: Man vs. Deity(suggested by Space Sphere) . The most crazy and absurd plan, it puts a heavily equipped sentient being, with lots more of equipment prepared through the planet, to fight against a PGSM that's in contact with that planet. Usually the being will act as a nasty distraction while the real attack is being prepared in somewhere else.
      The sentient being must choose speed over defense, and strength of attack to multiple hits, since he's less than a small insect compared to a building smashing the ground. A lot.

      Legends tell about a Wanderer armed only with a magic sword and bow-and-arrows, who killed a long time ago 16 Collossi. The legend and its variations chage the size of such creatures, and one of them measures the biggest as "going beyond the starry sky". So far, neither the truth or the magic sword has been found.

    09/03/2012 - Started the thread. Basic informations about the PGSM and the PGSM Disaster Scale.
    (NEW)10/03/2012 - Added basic information regarding Diet, 6.0 and 7.0 in the PGSM Disaster Scale, the Final Horizon Counter-Measures Archive and plans regarding the fight against PGSM.


    Updated! Now with information regarding HOW to fight against them...

    Critics? Suggestions? Ideas? The space to do it so is here, enjoy! :)
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    the sizing is abit to large tbh... id say we need some massive monsters yes... but some that are that big just kinda ruin all the fun

    pluse those would have to be none tamable and i want all monsters to be tameable
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    I think these would make great bosses.
    But what kind of fight-style would it be?
    shooting at various parts of it from the planet, getting in your ship and bombing a weak spot or just getting out of there?
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    They have to be tameable so you can rule the hole universe ^^
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    What now, fairies and unicrons? :cool:

    But really, I really hope they add these. They would definitely create a use for station upgrades
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    Great idea dude! loved how you specified the scale and everything :D
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    I'm aware that having too much of those can possibly destroy the player's universe, so there will be very few to none, or perhaps they only show up BECAUSE of the player or in special events. Or perhaps they go, eat or just pass by, and go away, so the losses are minimal.

    And... TAMEABLE?! I guess that would be a EPIC idea for a multiplayer server, but not in the normal game...

    Thanks Nathan!

    Working on it now!

    *After a couple hours*

    Ok, updated! ...ok, i forgot the idea about planetary attacks... must go, so when i can, will add it, a part for thanking everybody who helped and some more ways to fight... including one very crazy... and more elaboration about how it would work in game.

    Finally, sorry about two-line spaces between some parts of the text, i'm having some bugs here and don't have time to fix it now :/
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    I like it! I can imagine sending a team into it and fighting your way through its systems
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    Its so colorful, I gotta like it.

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