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RELEASED Planet inspection station v0.2 support 1.3.1

Planet inspection station

  1. roro

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    roro submitted a new mod:

    Planet inspection station - Planet inspection station

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  2. jayhale24018

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    I don't know what the compatibility is with Frackin' Universe, but so far when I've visted a lava planet I beamed into solid rock and couldn't destroy them because of the forcefield in place around the station. I tried an ocean planet as well, and it appears that the layers aren't generating correctly (i.e. water spawning all the way up to the space level. I do like the screenshots though, and I will continue to test.

    Edit: Tried another ocean planet, there appears to be a gravity issue as well

    I tried this on a few more lava and ocean planets. I only encountered the water issue once, so I don't think that was as a result of this mod. I've visited about 30 lava/ocean planets so far and the issue I'm mainly running into is beaming into solid rock and/or the entrance being complete covered by rock.

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  3. roro

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