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Bug/Issue Portuguese translation of secret note #13 makes it unusable

Discussion in 'Support' started by elilla, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. elilla

    elilla Space Hobo


    12 o' clock noon SHARP. Last day of the season. Check the bush above the playground.
    Current translation:

    12 horas em PONTO. O último dia da temporada. Dê uma olhada nos arbustos acima do parque.
    Literal back-translation noting the issues:

    12 o'clock SHARP [unspecified AM or PM]. The last day of season [as in Netflix series, not as in seasons of the year]. Check the bushes [plural] above the park [ambiguous for park or playground].​

    As you can see, the poor player will be hard pressed to find the secret with this text.

    Suggested fix (for Brazilian pt at least this will be clear):

    Meio-dia em PONTO. Último dia da estação. Dê uma olhada no arbusto acima do parquinho.
    Thanks for your hard work!
    • Pathoschild

      Pathoschild Tiy's Beard

      Thanks! We reported it to the game developers to fix in an upcoming version.

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