Modding Help Possible to add more sprites to the NPC's Character file?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by mascotte, Dec 19, 2019.

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    Hello, I'm getting so much help from the forum thanks to the wonderful modders!
    Just so sad that I'm not that good when it comes to the complicated things X(
    Wish I could be smarter with modding.. Well, here's another question!

    I'm thinking of adding more sprites to some NPCs, and wondering if it's possible?
    I mean, is it able to expand the limit from the vanilla character file using CP?
    Well, from the CP explanation Github site, it says,
    "You can extend an image downwards by just patching past the bottom (Content Patcher will expand the image to fit)."
    Umm, so it's actually possible! Right?
    Will the character's new sprite animations also work fine by using this way?

    BTW, I want to add some new sprites to Leah(64*416), Haley(64*384), Abigail(64*448).
    I'll pick out Leah for an example. Planning to add new sprites with a size of 64*64(Max: 8 cuts).

    How should I fill in the CP's content.json file?
    Below, I brought the form from '[CP] Shane's New Job by Ran 1.1.0'.

    "Format": "1.11.0",
    "Changes": [
    "Action": "EditImage",
    "Target": "characters/Leah",
    "FromFile": "assets/LeahExtraAni.png",
    "FromArea": {"X":?, "Y":?, "Width":?, "Height":?, },
    "ToArea": {"X":?, "Y":?, "Width":?, "Height":?, },
    "Patchmode": "?"


    First, is this form ok to extend an image downwards?! If there's a mistake, please tell me!
    Plus if you could add some explanation for me, that would be so much helpful!!
    Since I'm not an original English speaker, my understanding is quite slow X(
    Waiting for a smart angel to reply :) Thank you!

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