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    So.. I may have gone a little too far when it comes to prepping for my next farm. I'm challenging myself to finish the community center in one year (specifically by Spring 5th year two aka the day I got access). To do that I am trying to come up with a plan of action to get everything I need as quickly as possible.. So I made a spreadsheet. Have you ever done anything like that to prepare?

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      I'd love to know if you succeed, and where you had the most problems. That sounds pretty fun! I might have to try it myself...

      I haven't ever gone that far, but I did make a forum a while ago so I could try and figure out if it would be possible to get farming to level 10 in the first spring. Maybe I'll try and make a plan for that sooner or later...
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        The biggest issue I've found is that I'm struggling to remember to go to the traveling cart every chance I get. There are so many things that you really just can't get in the first year without the cart. I think it would be so much easier in multiplayer. Specifically because you have at least twice the amount of energy and time in a day. But that's the easy way to do the challenge.
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          Looks like you're prepared, good luck on your run!

          You're in fate's hands now, RNG can make it a failed attempt. I got my first red cabbage seeds on the 7th of spring year 2 my current run, everything else was done.

          I used:
 has a seasons section, but you need to keep an eye on the all seasons as well as your current.

          Related stuff that inspired me to try.
 a poll someone made in the threads, I was not alone in 29% choosing "#$*%^@& RED CABBAGE!!"
          Recently @squigglyruth and @BentFX were in a thread getting it by Fall 16!

          Edit: Calculating how evil red cabbage is
          Chance of not getting red cabbage seed per Traveling Cart check = 98.74%
          Chance of not getting red cabbage per Traveling Cart check = 97.5%
          Cart shows up 2x times a week, 4 weeks for each 4 months, have 1 extra since weeks start on monday and your end goal is 5 days into next year = 2*4*4+1 = 33 for cabbage (-7 days? 25% speed grow red cabbage seed) 31 chances for seeds (+3 to each if you're playing 1.3 beta for the 3 night markets)
          Each time we don't get the cabbage we will try again so: (.9874^31)*(.975^33) = 29.27% chance of not getting a red cabbage in time 1.2
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          • One More Day

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          • BentFX

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            I like to break it down by activity and season; What do I need from the mine? What spring crops do I need? Summer crops? What Spring fish do I need? Summer fish? etc.

            And I like to think about how to fill bundles where there's an option. I usually choose the mushroom cave, so three mushrooms are a given for the specialty foraging bundle. Then a cave carrot and some kind of tapper sap and it's full. I think the bat wings and the solar essence are the logical choice for the adventurer bundle, since you can't really avoid bats and ghosts. I never buy a sheep since rabbits provide wool and I usually grow my own rabbit's foot.

            You almost have to have an apple tree for the fodder bundle. Gotta make sure it's planted early enough in summer to be mature in fall. Pomegranate? Probably the same. With those two fruit trees the artisan bundle is easy to fill out with a jelly, a honey, and two cheeses.

            There are also force of habit things I do; The first time I pull hay to fill the feeding bench in my new coop, I'll pull out 14 hay. Put 4 on the bench, and 10 in a chest for the fodder bundle. After two melon harvests, on the 25th of summer, I plant that melon area with wheat. It's ready to harvest on fall 1, it keeps the ground tilled during the season change, and it almost ensures I'll have 10 of the same quality for the fodder bundle. I'll almost always buy a sandfish when I see one on the travelling cart. It allows filling the specialty fish bundle, and getting the 5 Dish of the Sea, before unlocking the bus.

            It's all really complex to plan for, but if you intend to set a goal for finishing in one year a plan of some sort is almost required. The spreadsheet is a good start.
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            • Git Gud Fox

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              I had the same 1 year challenge. I only missed it by 1 tree that I actually planted at the right time, but I allowed grasses to grow too close which blocked its growth cycle and allowed winter to arrive before it produced fruit.

              The key is to get the really time sensitive stuff squared away like the animal products and some of the fruit trees. I also advise only planting the necessary crops for bundles and then planting the most optimal crops. You also need to make sure you catch the season sensitive fish.
              • One More Day

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                Put a ring of stones around each of your apple and pomegranate trees. Not the adjacent eight squares that need to be kept clear, but the 5x5 square ring around the empty ones. It will stop grass spreading into the area, and then you only have to worry about it spawning in the adjacent eight, which is far less likely, and easily checked and maintained.

                I'd prefer to get them in the ground by mid summer anyway, giving you plenty of leeway. Should be easy because we're not worried about the long term, so we aren't spending time and money on stuff we otherwise might
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                • GreyPowerVan

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                  The RNG being so un-random is why I downloaded one of the better RNG mods... I need to see if it effects the traveling merchant hm.

                  Good luck! I love the spreadsheet, it's fun for me to min-max almost every game but so far I've resisted min-maxing this one.. I think I'll try the same challenge next go-around.

                  Not sure if you want to use bugs in yours, but this may be interesting to look at. You can get to the skull cave from level 120 in the mines
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                  • One More Day

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                    How is it "un-random"?

                    If you shuffle a deck of cards, and then look ahead to see which card is, say, the twenty-fourth one, that doesn't mean that the shuffle wasn't random before you looked
                    • GreyPowerVan

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                      I guess I prefer stuff to be randomized on the fly, rather than map-seed based.
                      • One More Day

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                        OK, but just know that it won't make the slightest bit of difference to your chances of seeing the cabbage in time to complete the one year challenge. It only makes a difference to whether you can look forwards and plan.

                        If you are going to visit the cart today, the probability of seeing a cabbage is still 0.025, and a seed is still 0.0124, regardless of how the items are randomised.
                        • Astrid Speckles

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                          Not on Stardew but I did make a spread sheet of every item there is about Terraria and how to obtain them, where and when.
                          I had links to the wiki and pictures of the item next to it.

                          I then died inside when a friend of mine linked me to an already made one online.

                          I'm also a hardcore animal crossing player,
                          I have lists of every item I own and what I still need to get and what not.

                          However on Stardew, I have crazed organization chests, so maybe that counts?
                          Example: Spring - Fish in spring have their own chest.
                          Crops have their own, Seeds have their own.
                          Fruits have their own, etc.
                          For all the seasons.
                          It gets worse
                          • kidkid123

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                            i did it by winter 1:p..all you need is the red cabbage from the travelling cart:)...the rest you can do it:p

                            pretty easy..forage from each season, crops from each season and so on:p
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                            • Stryder87

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                              I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. :)
                              It scratches my OCD (optional character development) itch. :avalilol:
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                              • FarmerBethany

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                                The RNG gods have been kind to me thus far. I'm on day 11 and I have a duck feather, fire quartz, most of the spring fish (still need it to rain), and an almost complete crab bundle. I'm praying for a red cabbage but we shall see.

                                If anybody would like a copy of the spreadsheet, lmk! I'm still looking to update it with more details and make it more efficient, so any suggestions/advice is appreciated!

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                                • ShneekeyTheLost

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                                  Oh wow! You look on track to be capable of completing a second-week Minecart Unlock! The Fire Quartz is typically considered to be the choke point for that particular room since you can, at least in theory, buy the five gold ore from Clint to get the gold bar, meaning everything else can be done around mine level 50 or so, if you get a solar essence from one of the ghosts. Heck, you can get the gold from the ghosts too if you are lucky.

                                  You can get a crab from the rock crabs in the mines (the ones that look like a rock until they start wandering around). That would complete your bundle with no pots necessary. And would, in fact, give you three crab pots, which can be placed on the farmhouse. While the shellfish you get from it are useful in their own right (they count as a fish for purposes of crafting fertilizer), the real treasure is actually the trash, assuming you have Fishing 4 at least for the Recycling Machine. Of key importance is Soggy Newspaper that has a chance of turning into Cloth for the Artisan bundle (meaning one less thing on that list you have to manage somehow), Refined Quartz from the Broken CD's and Glasses, and Coal from the Trash and Driftwood.
                                  • ladymurasaki

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                                    I haven't needed to spreadsheet this game but I remember Sunshine Island and the way-too-convoluted weather system and crops needing a certain point value to turn into the best. Multi-page spreadsheets (printed out to carry around with my DS) and a lot of bitching while logging in the day's water/sun points. Was WAY too much work to get perfect tree fruits over many seasons. Still can't believe I did all that for an HM game...headaches and all!

                                    SDV is waaay more casual. I lieks it.
                                    • FarmerBethany

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                                      Another Update: It is Summer day 6 I have completed all of the Spring only items (except for the morel in the exotic foraging bundle- not completely necessary), I have completed the Boiler Room, the Crab, River Fish, Construction, Spring and Summer foraging, and I'm close to completing many more. I am also at level 55 in the mines. I'm currently saving money to upgrade my axe to steel so I can head to the secret woods, most of my other tools are copper already.

                                      ALSO! I just got TWO Red Cabbage Seeds from the traveling cart! (I went ahead and grabbed both just in case lightening strikes). The RNG Gods and I are getting along just fine.

                                      It's looking like the most difficult things for me will be money based, I'm spending a lot of money at the traveling cart. I really need to buckle down and fish a lot in the coming days to save up enough to upgrade my tools and get barns and coops fully upgraded. My time is ticking down when it comes to animals (most specifically pigs for truffles/oil-although not necessary, just much easier than other options).
                                      • squigglyruth

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                                        I think @BentFX completed on Fall 15th in the end!

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