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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Nilla Napier, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Here is my idea: to make a mod that makes it so that when an NPC decides they want to join your crew, in addition to them turning into a protectorate, their home deed turns into a new item, a protectorate deed, or, if they don't have a deed, they offer to give you one.
    (I'll keep it simple for now, and talk about my initial plans, getting to my more far reaching ones later.)
    This protectorate deed would act a lot like a normal deed, except that it was assigned to a protectorate, and it always summons the same protectorate, and if it is put in your ship, it will treat them completely like your crew.
    Another change this would make is that protectorates would still give quests, and be treated as NPCs for most questing purposes.
    My first problem is that I don't know where to start, I have heard that NPCs 'graduate', spawning a new protectorate NPC in their place, but I don't know where the code for that is, another big problem is that I've never modded, and don't know anything about Lua. so yeah, a few obstacles to work with, if anyone would be willing to help this crazy endeavor, (or just things this is a good idea, and wants to do it themselves) please do, the first a question is where is that file?
    Update: I've found my first mention of graduations in villager.npctype, I'm guessing I can find more of these mentions elsewhere, but it looks like I'm making some very small progress.
    Update: scrips.tennant
    "This is done to turn villagers into crewmembers." I think I'm in the right place

    future plans:
    I'd like to get this working with other mods, a priority one is themrpiggy22's "Themed Colony Deeds"
    If I can ever get this working, I plan to give the ship 'crew slots', to make it easy to get the amount of crew you are 'supposed' to have, without being able to go over (and hopefully find a way to have this work with mods that eliminate the cap, and custom ship mods)
    I'd like to add a secondary set of requirements for protectorate deeds in addition to the house requirements that can be met on an 'or' bases, protecting the universe doesn't always come with the luxury of a roof, but you still need the supplies to do your job in less then ideal environments.(special furniture in a radius of deed instead of an enclosed area)
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