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    I recently replayed the whole game with a friend, and as we completed the story's missions, we were having a lot of fun doing Nuru's quests, beating fighters in the arena. Later, progessing through the underground of the Miniknog facility to let fighters progress on the surface was pretty cool too. Finally, defeating all the waves of vilains attacking the Baron's Castle was the point where I needed to take this here:

    Why isn't there more stuff like this ?

    Here is my suggestion: add Sidequests related to Primary Quests, belonging to the coresponding character.
    Nuru already has them, but why not give her more ? Already existing quests consist on fighting original oponents with interesting weapons, that concept can hold more than 3 fights right ? Fighting them could give more ideas of how to use some weapons which would be given as a reward at the end of the quest.
    About Lana Blake, we could get more infiltration missions (I'm calling this infiltration because it would be nice for once to have the possibility to sneak pas enemies even though we could still fight) , which would be coupled with maybe puzzles, and the progress of a parallel team as we see in the actual Mission.
    Lastly, the Baron could give us new locations (maybe belonging to him ?) to protect from raids of other cultists, "closed-minded" Glitchs, or anyone really. The same system of waves would be kept, only oponents would really change.

    Completing any of those quests could add unique fighters or supports at the Outpost which could be part of the crew, or eventually help in quests like the waves, the same way Nuru and Lana joined to help defend the Baron's castle.

    I have a hard time thinking of a way to add a significant amount of those missions, but one idea I had was to, at some point, be able to make custom waves missions, meaning you could chose oponents, adjust difficulty (probably just making it higher and higher), and it would make those missions endlessy replayable until your computer can't handle the enemy number.

    Thanks for reading!

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