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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Dainank, Feb 7, 2019.


Would you like a ranked matchmaking system?

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  1. Dainank

    Dainank Yeah, You!


    Just curious how much of the community would be interested in such a system or whether the majority would rather keep this game casual. A ranked system could, however, introduce leaderboards and possibly profiles which is always interesting in games like these! I understand that Chucklefish also made an announcement stating that they are currently using hidden MMR to analyze if it is effective and might in the near future introduce a ranked system.

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    • Netherlord

      Netherlord Void-Bound Voyager

      Even if there won't be any significant reward for achieving a high rank, I'd still like to see a ranked system. It would encourgae more competitive people like me to feel like they're getting some aknowledgment for their efforts.
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      • Dainank

        Dainank Yeah, You!

        Exactly so! Climbing up a ladder over time feels far more rewarding than any leveling/collection system.
        • SchwaAkari

          SchwaAkari Space Hobo

          I would love some leaderboards. I could absolutely see myself playing this game competitively for several days each week.

          Though, the multiplayer turn timer bug (and other various bugs) need to be eradicated first. I've arbitrarily "lost" a handful of matches during Quick Match the other day due to being given only 20 seconds to take my turn instead of the usual 120.
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          • Dainank

            Dainank Yeah, You!

            Yeah! The bugs should be fixed soon since the developer stated that he is focusing on them now. Hopefully, after most detrimental bugs are fixed, such a ranked system could possibly get implemented.
            • Genshi_Hajime

              Genshi_Hajime Space Hobo

              I wouldn’t even mind not having a rank system if I instead had an online profile that displayed win/loss or had a point system. Right now, winning online feels anti-climactic.
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              • CLU752

                CLU752 Space Hobo

                Yes, big YES! I came on the forum to post about this and I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one wanting it. The game is absolutely amazing but the quick matches feel pointless, I felt really disappointed to realize that after the game you come back to your initial point like nothing happened, felt like I won for nothing lol. A ranking system with a leaderboard is all I'm asking! Lets make a little bit competitive. Chess games have one, Wargroove deserves one too!
                • Dainank

                  Dainank Yeah, You!

                  Exactly so! Well said sir!
                  • Immortal

                    Immortal Pangalactic Porcupine

                    I actually think the game can do without this feature. If you want to seriously play competitively instead of putting up with the quickplay nonsense (*cough* weather *cough*) why not join the pro tournaments on the "Wargroove Ladder Tournaments" discord channel?

                    I like that games just can be chill without me having to obsess about numbers and some stupid win/loss ratio that will forever be branded into my profile.
                    Also, it would only make the current issue where people AFK or suspend the game to "avoid losing" by making you quit first much worse (though to be fair this could be solved in other ways).

                    I suppose a time-limited season leaderboard without any permanent profile or record could be cool though.

                    However, quickplay seriously needs some improvements before a leaderboard should be implemented. Weather and some poorly designed maps in the map pool currently heavily advantage player 1, which makes a quickplay leaderboard pointless (at least at this point in time). There is a good chance that the official quickplay map pool will never be overhauled and given another re-balance pass. In this case any serious players will migrate towards their own map-pool and external ladders / leaderboards anyway, which is the current state of affairs.
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