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    my last introduction was from almost 4 years ago and its like. cringe n it bothers me so!!! updated intro because i was pretty young when i made the last 1
    hi my name is icewolf (not ladyicewolf. there is no lady part. i am not a lady!!!!) but my actual name is michael, though on forums nowadays i go by niki or lucille, i am the boy gender :hylotl: i really like the boy gender too (romantically!!!!! and platonically too actually) there is one boy i like more than the other boys though (romantically!!!!!)
    uhhhhh im autistic but i also have adhd so when im medicated (today im medicated)(not rlly i forgot them today i like JUST realized)(my bf reminds me but he was asleep)(rip i missed them for like one day) i am hyperactive which is why this post is very silly and wacky and goofy becaue i am MEDICATED!!!1 so i am hyperactive. i promise i am not a troll or a spammer it is just how i am!!!! i am a little silly sometimes
    i am very fixated on vocaloid, ensemble stars, and japan !!! i really like music and rhythm games as vocaloid and enstars can tell you but i havent played enstars or even project sekai in a few days because ive been playing puyo quest (puzzle game!!!!) i can also understand a little japanese so thats really cool yes
    i have 62 hours in stardew on steam but idk how much i have on switch cuz i literally have not touched the crusty thing in like WEEKS i only rlly use it for pokemon now tbh. most of my time on steam is spent on me and my bf absolutely DESTROYING the mines, we actually finished the mines in i think only a day worth of farm time which is like impressive to me BUT THAN WE GOT OUR BUTTS KICKED IN THE SKULL MINES N IT SUCKED. we just want to craft the wedding rings sobsob
    i just got starbound yesterday, i got some money for my birthday back in may and i didnt use my $50 gift card yet so after draining it for robux and some art for my oc (because yes i am also a very terrible artist and writer) i decided to use the rest of the funds on starbound and dang. it is so fun!!!! i only have an hour so far but i do plan on playing more, its almost 3 am rn and since my friends and bf r all asleep i can play unbothered for a couple of hours (or not cuz i have finals next week and if i wanna pass the grade i have to finish my history work tmrw HEBHFEJFH its not a lot though)
    YEAH IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG i have a lot to say my head is very full im not even gonna hang around here probably BUT I WANT TO SCREAM IT IS SO EARLY AND I CANNOT SCREAM RIGHT NOW!!!!!! i am so sorry you had to read this all sobsob
    ANYWAYS YEA THATS IT!!!! have a miku she is so cute
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    Nice to meet you again, IceWolf!

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