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    So, there's this nice mod called Grandfather's Gift 1.0 on Nexus.

    Nice in theory, but totally broken, and not open source to boot.

    I'm remaking that mod.

    I've gone as far as:
    • Adding an event handler to the helper.Events.GameLoop.DayStarted event
    • Detect whether it's the 2nd day of spring
    Then I ran aground trying to find how to do the following:

      // TODO: Pop up message of "last night I stepped on a loose floorboard yadda yadda" before map loaded
      // TODO: Wait until map loaded and add a package with interaction event
      // TODO: Interaction event (show letter)
      // TODO: Remove package from map, add weapon & chest to inventory
    I've searched the wiki, and I can kind of guess how to do #2 & #4. However, I can't find how to do #1 and #3.

    Some help please?


    Edit 1: Let it be clear that, unlike the original mod I'm remaking, this mod will be open source.

    Here's my repo:

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      UPDATE 2019-06-30

      So, I have progressed quite a lot:
      • Figured out how to create a DialogueBox [sic] with black background to provide a pop-up message as the day started
      • Figured out how to instantiate a weapon and add it to Farmer's inventory
      • Registered an "Asset Editor" to allow future customization of the weapon goodie
      • Registered -- and deregistered -- event handlers for OnDayStart
      Still not yet done:
      • Drop a "package" -- like the Parsnip gift of the 1st day -- attached to a custom interaction
      • Pop up "letter" from Grandpa
      • Have farmer does their "lift up object" animation as they uncovered the weapon
      • Remove the "package" post interaction leaving farmer with a weapon (this part figured out) and a chest in the farmer's inventory
      Source Code: Latest have been pushed to
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