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Rentable Starbound Dedicated Game Server Hosting at CitadelServers.com From $0.56 | €0.49

Discussion in 'Server Hosts' started by CitadelServers, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. CitadelServers

    CitadelServers Master Chief


    Citadel Servers is now offering Starbound Dedicated Game Server Hosting! We offer from 10 Player servers in Europe, USA and Canada at the affordable price of $0.56 | £0.39 | €0.49 per slot.

    Order for a year and get 10% off your order!

    We have a promotional discount avaliable, using the code SRBD10OFF This will give you 10% off your order.
    ( This applies to monthly, quarterly, 6 months and yearly payments.)

    Our Locations:
    New York, Nevada , Kansas, Vermont, Texas, Washington, Florida
    United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands

    [​IMG] | [​IMG] | [​IMG]| [​IMG] | [​IMG] | [​IMG] | [​IMG]
    Starbound Dedicated Game Server Features:
    • Instant Setup ( Get playing in minutes!)
    • Full FTP access.
    • Easily accessible configuration files and log files.
    • Fully Moddable servers, define\create your world the way you want!
    • Web Console.
    • One click updates via Steam Update button.
    • Option to password servers.
    • No Branding.
    • Start/Stop/Reinstall your server at a click of a button.
    • Fast & Friendly Support via a ticket system.
    • Tutorials and articles in our Knowledgebase.
    • World and Configuration Backups
    • Advanced Feature Full Control Panel

    With all of our dedicated servers running ECC high frequency Ram with Intel Professional grade Xeon Servers, your server performance should never be a concern. All servers are connected to atleast a 1Gbps uplink to achieve low latency.

    All the staff at Citadel Servers are willing to help and support you if you have questions or something stops working. Buy your server now with near instant set-up! If you have any questions before purchasing contact us at CitadelServers.com

    Citadel Servers Team
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  2. looter

    looter Void-Bound Voyager

    Are starbound 1.0 servers starting for anyone else with citadel?
  3. CitadelServers

    CitadelServers Master Chief

    Our servers are fully up to date for Starbound 1.0, If you are having any issues please contact us via a support ticket\live chat.
  4. Akreao

    Akreao Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    With steam being updatable would it be possible to download workshop mods onto the shared space somehow?
  5. Soltanis

    Soltanis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    As of writing 26/07/2016, I found Citadels Servers website to be very misleading.

    While they do charge the advertised prices above "per slot"

    Added onto this price is a flat monthly fee for a Starbound server.

    When mentioned this to their support, they advised that the extra fee was due to Starbound server not being very stable and using many resources and that the fee might be removed once the server is updated.

    hopefully this will be changed later on or their main page updated to reflect the additional price.
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  6. Salamandre

    Salamandre Space Hobo

    I ordered a starbound server from Citadel Servers a few days ago, absolutely fantastic service so far, i had a issue with mods as i wasn't sure how to set it up, contacted them and they put me on the right track, fantastic support, was with ntirado before and they were terrible, these guys are the best!
  7. CitadelServers

    CitadelServers Master Chief

  8. CitadelServers

    CitadelServers Master Chief


    Citadel Servers proudly presents, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2016 sale! 10% off all servers with the code BFCM10

    This code works for all games, billing cycles, and every new purchase.

    Click here to Order Your Server
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  9. CitadelServers

    CitadelServers Master Chief

    We are proud to announce that we are now offering a new Game Server Hosting Location.

    In Sydney, Australia!


    your Sydney, Australia hosted Dedicated Game Server Today.​

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