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    I'm fine with the way most of the bosses are presented right now, except the tier 2 robot still irks me.

    It makes no sense that you build this blood-thirsty automaton from scratch, activate it, fight it, and then just salvage a circuit from it. If you built him, didn't you build the circuit as well? Why not just build the circuit? It baffles me. I don't agree with the execution.

    Now, if Chucklefish ever applies more of a story element to these boss fights, I think it would be cool if the robot boss played out something like this: Instead of building it yourself, players should be directed to the ruins of a robot production facility in search of that elusive circuit. Maybe you find it locked into the skeletal framework of the last robot there and you're required to piece it back together in order to gain access to the circuit. Search around the ruins of the factory for the parts, assemble him, defeat him, claim the circuit.

    I think it provides a much more exciting sense of atmosphere as well as a stronger, logical foundation.

    Let me know what you guys think and thanks for reading.
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