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    Version: Robin Romance version 1.4.0 has been released!

    Important update info: When updating from 1.3.1 or earlier, delete [CP] Ram w Veronica or [CP] Ram no Veronica from your mod folder.

    Robin Romance Text Guide Included in Downloads below, May Contain Spoilers!

    Please note: I don't actively maintain this forum page. I try to make sure it has the updated mod files, but if you want to read about the latest version (noted at the top of this post), please access the Nexus site to read it. It may be essential to do so when updating (especially to 1.2.1 or earlier) or when downgrading (from to 1.2.1 or earlier).


    Shadowfire1223 over on Nexusmods created the new Veronica sprites and portraits, as well as a new alternate spritesheet for Robin complete with a unique wedding dress. All included in version 1.2.0+

    The user Warhorse over on Nexusmods went over virtually the entirety of the mod and helped to correct various spelling, grammar, and wording issues. Hopefully the dialogue looks cleaner and flows better.

    The Robin Romance Mod

    Have you ever wanted to romance Robin? Well that's the goal of this mod. It's not the perfect solution (I'm sure someone can do better), but guess what you can do now!

    There's supposed to be a dramatic picture here, but Robin can now be dated and married.

    But there is a catch. In order to do this, I created a custom NPC. So basically there's 2x the Robins. Robin lives with Leah and is a copy of Robin. Same sprites and portraits, some of the same dialogue. I've changed it where it would be awkward and have added dialogue for her (so she has a lot more than she does in the base game, including marriage dialogue). I'm not the greatest writer, so hopefully it's at least decent. I've tried to keep it in character for her but there wasn't a whole lot to work with so I had to make plenty of choices as to how to characterize her.

    Robin does include additional sprites and portraits of dubious quality. She has a kissing sprite as well as her wedding sprites. She has 3 portraits with her blushing, but as bad of a writer as I am, I'm a worse artist.
    As of 1.2.0, there is now also an alternate spritesheet for Robin created by Shadowfire1223 over on Nexus. It can be enabled within the mod's content.json file.

    The mod, to deal with the 2 Robins issue, replaces the OG Robin in the mountains with her sister Veronica (a semi OC that uses most of Robin's OG dialogue/schedules). The artwork for her is terrible, so I've also included an optional version of this mod (Ram no Veronica) that doesn't have Veronica and instead just let's you have double the Robin (though the datable Robin's birthday will shift to Fall 22).
    As of 1.2.0, there is a far better version of Veronica's artwork (both sprites and portraits) done by Shadowfire1223 over on Nexus. It is automatically enabled, however if you want the old ones back you can do so by going into the content.json and enabling them.

    You only need 1 of the attached mods. Use whichever you feel is best. Ram is how the game's data refers to Robin, her name should still show up as Robin in the game.

    Please Note Before Installing!! - Any save file with a Custom NPC added (which this mod is) must keep the Custom NPC in order for the save file to function. Removing this mod will brick your save file. I believe there are ways to edit your save file, but I don't not know how or if this is possible, so please take caution. It is best to backup your save files before using this mod, and please consider starting a new save file to use this mod if you are concerned about issues arising in your current save files.

    If you want to give the mod a spin, simply download it, unzip it, and stick it in your Mods folder. It requires Content Patcher & TMXLoader as well.

    Additional Planned Features: See the Nexusmod's page. It's a good idea to visit it anyways if you want more info on the mod.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me, especially the users on this forum and the discord. I know very little about modding so I needed a lot of help.

    Last Edited: 2/13/2020

    See Nexusmods for Patch Notes: 1.4.0

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      Option 1 ist good, maybe make demitrius just cheat on her sounds more convenient. and farmer can just be the saviour :^)
      • soapierbean

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        Actually, I'm almost done with the full mod at this point, though the holidays have been delaying me. All 3 options will be available ideally.

        Option 1 (the default) replaces the OG with her sister Veronica; Robin is divorced from Demetrius and living with Leah while Veronica helps run the carpentry shop for Robin. Veronica is an OC, though she's mostly just Robin with some different colors and changed dialogue where appropriate. My artwork is poor, but the good news is you can use any Robin portrait/sprite mod to replace my artwork (even if it looks like Robin), so I hope that'll appease people. I felt a simple divorce was easiest, sometimes people just don't work out and Robin was married before, so I thought it made a good deal of sense.

        Option 2 will be just having 2 Robins, with the datable one named something different (currently Ram, might just stay that way unless I can think of something better).

        Option 3, well, is option 3. I personally like this one the most, but it requires the most effort so I'm not sure how far I'll go with it.

        Festivals are done (flower dance doesn't work correctly unfortunately) & I'm finishing the events right now. The last thing I need to do is to potentially change the dialogue a little more. I might also mess with some Demetrius things, but I'm not sure, and Veronica's sprite still needs to be cleaned up a little.

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