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    Rombartians are a group boss, and invade your world at random times. Most of these times are going to be when you are at your lowest point, such as you just died, or you lost a friend, or something. They will wait until you are weak before they strike. They come in 3 different waves.

    Rombartions are - Robots that have 2 attacks, a laser attack and a cannon attack (both ranged). [​IMG]

    First Wave:
    First, they send in a UFO : [​IMG]
    The UFO will spawn Rombartians and shoot lasers at you. It has high health, no mana, and high armor.

    Second Wave:
    They will send in 2 UFOs, and a Healer UFO as well : [​IMG]
    Healer UFOs will heal Rombartians that are injured.

    Third Wave:
    They will send in 2 UFOs, a Healer UFO, and the base.
    The Base will spawn Rombartians, shelter Rombartians, shoot lasers and cannons, as well as healing Rombartians. The base has very high health, very high armor, and no mana. Once the base is destroyed, all Rombartians and UFOs will flee.
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    Nice idea
    They will be a hard boss
    Wich is fun:up:
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    lol thanks, i haven't seen any swarm bosses yet, so i suggested one.
  4. this is a great idea, I really like it
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    Sounds pretty cool love the idea of a non single NME bosses
  6. Hmm. I like.
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    it needs a abductor one that abducts you and drain hp
  8. lilpeter101

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    lol that'd be interesting xD

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