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    So I've been doing a game with Longevity and I'm really enjoying myself so far. But I do have a couple questions:

    * Are flowers (and honey) affected by the price balance changes?

    * What was the rationale behind raising the price on wheat seeds so drastically (10g vanilla vs 50+g base in Longevity)? Wheat was a crop I liked using as a filler after the time frame for planting better crops has expired (Summer/Fall 20-28). Now that the prices are higher, it doesn't make much sense to plant wheat (bundles aside) as flour from Pierre's sells for 70-80g.

    * do items placed in buildings like kegs and casks count toward taxes?

    * do tappers and floor tiles count toward taxes as items on the farm?

    * how is the water bill calculated? Is it based on the number of sprinklers or the area covered or some other means? (translation: will I be charged less if I use more high quality sprinklers?)
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    • RTGOAT

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      (1) - Yes flowers and honey are affected by price changes! (the forumla to calculate honey is similar to vanilla I believe, which is, 2x+80; where x=flower selling price)
      Changes in the flower's price means a change in honey.

      (2) - Wheat prices were raised due to their massive profit gains from making them into beer. When I made this decision, there was no mill to produce flour (pre 1.11).
      I will look to re-balance wheat and beer again to fit with the addition of the mill.

      (3) - Yes, the mod takes everything within the scope of the farm.

      (4) - Tappers do count towards taxes, floor tiles do not. (Capital are objects that produce goods)

      (5) - Sprinklers are calculated as followed:

      flatrate + (multiplier * sprinklercount) + (multiplier * buildingcount) //(Electricity costs are very similar to water)

      flat rate is fixed based on the player's house size.

      sprinklercount is the sum of all sprinklers on the farm; however, higher quality sprinklers add more to the count.
      (Regular = 1) (Quality = 2) (Iridium = 5)

      buildingcount is the sum of all buildings on the farm; like sprinklers, some have larger counts than others.
      (These counts range from 1 to 6 depending on the building)

      Thank you for your feedback! Please let me know if you have more questions :)
      I will further update on progress with my next update soon (Finals week is coming up, quite busy currently)
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        Thanks for the answers. I started a thread on r/Stardewvalley with the results of my current playthrough. Not sure if they'll prove useful for development of the mod, but I can definitely say that the mod is having its desired effect.
        • RTGOAT

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          I thoroughly appreciate the effort into this. Thank you a bunch; I'll keep my eye on it!
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            Since we're already minmaxing: a 25% increase in food value does not provide enough of an incentive to cook food over massed jelly/wine production
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              Cooking food is not supposed to be incentive for profits. (Even though the 25% helps quite a bit for some food items)
              It is meant to raise opportunity costs of selling/eating/gifting.
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                you can add support to negative money ammount that are present by the taxes?

                • RTGOAT

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                  Longevity v1.6.4:

                  This should be my second to last patch for the v1.6 series.

                  Current [v1.6.4]:

                  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed shipped items to not count towards diminishing returns (DR).
                  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes ignore and skip DR reductions.
                  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the player to not be charged for capital and water taxes.
                  • Taxes should now properly work for the first season of a new game.
                  • Tax menu should now consistently update in real-time.
                  • Sunflower seeds should now be plantable in the summer.
                  • Added hovertext tags to Longevity Menu buttons.
                  • Fruits, vegetables, and flowers in Longevity Menu now have hovertext to show artisan good prices.

                  Next [v1.6.5] (Release: TBD):

                  • Page 1 will be filled out (This time for sure).
                  • All other items will be added to Longevity Menu item pages.
                  • Updating and correcting MCM crop descriptions.
                  • Starting DNPCD framework (Leah will be the first DNPCD npc; she will also use @IronZelly's DNPCC variations).
                  • Starting Sodas framework (Player will be able to make and sell sodas).

                  Thank you for your continued support!
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                    hi- have been using your mod. you mentioned a sheet with prices and more specific info, could you please pm it to me?
                    It's been a lot of fun and i love all the things, and am looking to minmax as i have done with all my other things in this game.
                    • RTGOAT

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                      Press 'Tab' (defualt) when in game to open the Longevity menu... If installed properly, you should see pricing tables, and other info.
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