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Bug/Issue SDV Beta Bugs I've found

Discussion in 'Support' started by FriedTikoy, May 5, 2018.

  1. FriedTikoy

    FriedTikoy Intergalactic Tourist

    • Triggered Harvey's 10-star event even if I'm already married to Sam and have not given Harvey a bouquet. Checked relationship tab, he's still locked at eight stars.
    • Items Crafted stats in Mister Qi's casino will reset to 0. It will update once you craft an item and check the stats counter again. However, this is a waste of resources and it resets back to 0 after a new day.
    • Vincent 2-gift limit bug. The game tells me I've already given him 2 gifts at the start of the week even if I haven't. (common bug)
    • Traveling merchant always out of stock.
    Will continue to update once I've found some more bugs.
    Note that these are bugs I've found in singleplayer mode, 3rd year of Winter which still persists in my 4th year of Spring.
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