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Discussion in 'Custom Content' started by Landmine752, Feb 8, 2019.

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    With the weekend upon us, it's a good time to stock up on custom maps to play. There's tons of maps being created in Wargroove, many of them need people to test and experience them. That's why I made this thread. This is a place to share your map for a review, but it will cost you a review of someone else's map.

    What counts as a review?
    The whole point of this thread is to provide helpful feedback for map creators. You can provide a full critique or a short paragraph so long as it is constructive criticism. Remember that somebody put time and effort into their creations and you need to respect that. If you're struggling to find out what to say, answer 3 questions:
    1. What did the map do well? What was the highlight of the map?
    2. Where could the map improve? Were there any issues playing the map?
    3. A suggestion/recommendation for the creator to act upon; could be a task that can be done after reading your review.
    Be sure to name the map you played and who the creator is. If they are on the forum, you can tag them (@theirname - it may be a little slow to load the list of members) so they know you posted a review of their map.

    Posting your own map
    If you're willing to help others, others will be more inclined to help you. Beneath your review, you can add your own map for others to have a look at. Please post a screenshot preview as well as the code to find and access it; do not expect people to hunt your maps down for you.
    You can find the sharing code by viewing "More Info" on your map - an 8 digit code will appear which you can use to share your map.

    There's already tons of maps on the forums here to pick from to get started. Give one a shot and let us know what you think.


    My Review
    To get things started, I gave the co-op tower defense, by @Dustin, a try. It's really awesome to see a tower defense map work this well in Wargroove; you buy units and can move them into place during that turn. After ending your turns, the enemy AI moves their units along the path towards your HQ before your towers retaliate. It's cool that you do benefit from knowing Wargroove's crits and counters and that it's a big factor in placing your units. It also works with an AI (sorta) if you choose Valder. Just don't expect to get very far.

    The one shortcoming I felt was that you sort of need to predict where the creeps (even those who have yet to spawn) will be landing since you cannot move units at all after placing them. If they end up in a bad spot, there's not much you can do about it. I wonder if there's anything you can do about that with triggers and a special unit.

    Overall, I would recommend trying the map. I enjoyed it and will play it again.


    If you want to review a map, I vote you find one in the forums. But, if you'd like to test one of my maps, go ahead and play The Defense of Strahnbrad (code: W6WVJHL2). An RPG-style map based on the first mission of Warcraft 3 featuring sidequests and a main quest of defending the town of Strahnbrad from Felheim invaders (please ignore the bugged Soldier in the town cinematic; the game crashes if I fix him).

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      Hey that's a nice idea, the forum isn't that much active and I'm craving for feedback. xd

      I played your Defense of Stranbrad map and it was a nice little throwback. I actually liked how you were fitting the roles of the main chars of Wargroove into the roles of the Warcraft 3 actors.
      You really translated the map to wargroove quite fitting, I did find almost everything of the template it was build on. Only the little timmy quest was changed, probably because you have neither kids nor anything gnoll like in Wargroove. (it would be ridiciolus to take doggos for that. xd)

      Well while the map was translated pretty well into Wargroove, playing it was more of a slog, I guess the game is not that much suited for creating maps like that, especially with the fog of war loading times. (that hopefully get improved) The amount of units to command over such a big map, is just to much for a turn based strategy game with such a premise. I mean there is to much space where you just travel from one point to another and you have to do that with every single unit + waiting for the turns of the other players (that fortunelately most of the time have no units and spawn when you get near them.) So I admit that I ignored the bandit sidequest in the southeast, because the way seemed way to long to me. Either way defending Stranbrad wasn't that much difficult, I actually don't know if you can win the map if you just finish the plague doctor, because he was most of the time in the background I finished him last. In Warcraft 3 I just rushed to the slave master to end the mission.

      So yeah I really like the concept, but not that much the execution but I also think you won't get it any better it's just not the right game for such missions like Warcraft 3. I guess it will take a lot of work and ideas to create actually a fun fog of war exploring mission I also didn't like the one in the campaign. I'm pretty sure without the constraints of the template you could craft something far better.

      6/10 (some arbitrary score, don't mind I gave it a thumbs up regardless)

      So yeah, I would like to see someone review my custom campaign here, since it's a series of small puzzles it doesn't take long, it depends on, how good you are, but I also think it's not necessary to play through all of it, for reviewing, but I actually would like to see a reaction to the ending, since I was preparing something like a cliffhanger.
      This is the Code:


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