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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kaldeqca, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. kaldeqca

    kaldeqca Void-Bound Voyager

    Last day i was talking about bitcoin mining with my friend (coworker)
    me: you know what bro .those miner are making tons of bucks every single day.
    my friend; yea i knew that:nuruhappy:
    me: actually i mined a few bitcoins when i was in collage i sold them for 5 dollar each!!!!!:nurusad:
    my friend; what a tragedy dude......
    all of sudden my boss came in:nuruneutral:
    boss: i didn't know you were a miner...
    me: not really though..
    boss: i was a miner too
    me: ohhh? how many coins you mined.:nurucool:
    boss: i had almost 500 bitcoins.:nurunaughty:
    me: holy crap(sh**) bro :nuruhype:
    my friend Do you still have those:nurusick:
    boss: of course if i still have those .why i am still here anyway..:nurusad:
    me: did you sale them:nuruhappy:
    boss: yeah.. i sold all of them for 300dollar then i bought my xbox360.....:nurunaughty:
    me:feel you bro:nurusad:
    Just wanna share a story:nuruhappy:
  2. sly775

    sly775 Big Damn Hero

    One time, I was gonna buy some bitcoin, but then I didn't. That's my story.
  3. rogerflash

    rogerflash Poptop Tamer

    My story is even shorter - I did not buy bitcoins at all:nuruwink:
  4. plantys

    plantys Master Chief

    Bought some alt coins, next thing I know, everything crashed >_<
  5. Tyrantissar

    Tyrantissar Void-Bound Voyager

    I actually thought of buying them $7 a piece, talk about a missed opportunity. I spent around several minutes thinking of the good fortune they would bring.
    Actually later I found out that they were fakes, so I am glad I didn't get them.
    I know of a guy who bought gaming computers, they came with a free bitcoin. He resold the computers at a good price and than he got a large stockpile of bitcoins. He had a bucket full of them when they were worth so much.
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