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    I feel like me farm is smaller than everyone elses, almost done tho

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      It's a pig farm! Let's have some bacon!
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        Stardew Valley offers so many ways to be that it seems impossible to compare outcomes. You choose your objectives and only you can decide if you have satisfied yourself. In this, the game is remarkably life-like.

        Sizing up my first year in the game, without having compared my choices to anybody else's, I have the feeling that a lot of my choices were minimalist. I didn't have a goal of making the biggest or richest spread, just trying to find a balance between having comfortable routines and making a decent living.

        It was a year of 'learning the ropes' as I struggled to adapt what I know about real-world agriculture to the subtly different technologies and rhythms of the game. I am generally satisfied with what I accomplished and interested enough that I will likely return to this game and recommend it to others.

        To summarize, I wound up having taken in some $286K and spent about $100K in improvements. These would be fantastic sums by standards of a century ago (before mechanized farming). Most of my expenditures were for seeds (Cauliflower in spring, blueberries in summer, and cranberries in the fall) and for coal that I used to build the 48 Preservers needed to process all those berries before next summer's crop comes in. That leaves me committed to a berry-growing operation for the forseeable future. I think that is all I'll need to meet my lifestyle goals in the game, and I'll have plenty of time to explore the game's other activities as they appeal to me.

        My growing area to support this plan is 10x10 with a scarecrow in the middle and a wooden path around the outside. This allows 99 plants, easy to cultivate, fertilize, run into town for seeds as needed, plant, water with my new steel watering can and make it to bed before midnight the first day.

        This spring I have a stockpile of 50 mixed spring seeds that I accumulated over the past year, so I only need to shell out for another 50 cauliflowers to start. My second crop might be all cauliflowers but I definitely want to stock up on strawberry seeds for next year's spring crop. Planting strawberries halfway through the season might be a waste of money. I still have about 600 cranberries to process which will take all spring and into the first few days of summer, so I certainly could make time for canning strawberries this summer. I don't have to decide about my second crop until I have more info about the economics.

        Definitely I plan to repeat blueberries in summer and cranberries in the autumn. I should wind up with more money than I know what to do with, since I won't have the major expense of building all those preservers this year.

        I already have considerable stockpiles of raw materials for any building projects I care to undertake, but I expect I'll contine cutting wood, mining, gathering, and fishing to fill the time. I may decide to learn more about tree-farming in this game. I'm not very inclined towards livestock, though. They seem pretty time-intensive for the payout, and what am I going to do with more money? A berry bush costs $80 and produces about ten nice berries in a season. I sell the ones with stars and can the rest. Canned berrries go for around $200 each, so figure 1000 jars at $200 equals $200K each for summer and fall crops, plus whatever I can get from my spring planting. Add in a full crop of strawberries and I'll be looking at $600K in year three. That's without lifting a finger beyond the three plantings and tending the preservers.

        So I guess you could say that my goal of a reasonable income has been met, and the rest is just filling time. I haven't got very far into the social game and I'm not sure there's very much there for me. I'd love it if we had a multi-player version so I could have the thrill of meeting 'real' people (or at least their avatars) in the village. I haven't worked out how team play would work in that scenario.

        For now, after my disastrous infatuation with Lori, I have confined my interest to Maru and her family. She's not the hottest chick in town by any stretch, but I like her family and her scientific and professional interests, and they have been warming to me as I've continued to hang around and pass along some by-products of my mining activities (mostly quartz pieces seem to turn her on). So if I continue another season, I guess there's an expansion of the farmhouse in prospect, or maybe two expansions if we can get past her dad's reluctance to see his little girl married to a farmer rather than becoming a science star. Maybe there's a commuter train to a nearby university she could use.

        For the immediate future, I need to go adventuring! Hard to guess where I'll wind up with that. Over the past nine months (RW) my adventuring has included Witcher 3, Chaos Reborn, StarCraft 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Endless Legend, and Life Is Strange that I can recall. OK, I get bored easily. I'm just glad these games weren't around when I was younger or I would never have finished school so I'd still be a wage-slave instead of having so much time to waste.

        A small cavil in an otherwise delightful experience. The culture of Stardew Valley seems taken directly from a century ago, somewhere in New England. TV sets, a commercial bus, and streamlined passenger trains are the only techs suggesting a mid-century date, but even 1950's agriculture (when the first TVs became available) used motorized tractors, and passenger cars were ubiquitous in mid-century America. Although I sympathise with the need for inclusivity, erasing Christianity from twentieth century American village life feels strange to me, especially while retaining the secular symbols of Christmas such as decorated trees and Santa Claus, Druid origins notwithstanding. A New England town without steeples just seems wrong to me. That's an historical judgment, not a religious one. But no village is perfect!

        Be well and save some time to invest in tending your RW garden!

        Be it ne'er so humble:


        Some of my 48 Preservers at work:

        My modest garden on the first day of spring. Didn't anticipate the fresh crop of rocks and my pick is in the shop!

        My smelter helps the dog stay warm at night:

        The mushroom cave really helps with snacks!

        Other assets:

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          I tried using GeSoDaTo but it only shows a tiny little square in the upper left once I change resolutions to the big one. What gives? D:
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            yeah that happens to me, but it fixes itself if I tab out and tab back in, or change it back to borderless windowed

            edit: also make sure your zoom is at 100%, having it zoomed in or out can cause problems with gedosato ^^
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              Edit: SUCCESS! Thankoo ^^

              So here it is, it's not much to speak of just yet, but it's home. :3
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              • CosyAlligator

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                I'm glad you got it working! Your little coop area is so cute ^-^
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                • Kittenykat

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                  *squee* :nuruhappy:
                  • Cider

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                    Here is my farm, tried to do the whole GeDoSaTo thing but it just keeps crashing my game


                    I like to have a very organized farm :p
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                      That´s the main part of my humble little farm in my second game at the beginning of summer year 2:

                      Most of the south and south west is taken over by trees and grass ...
                      and my wine and preserve production currently is in my house, but according to my current plans, they will get relocated (along with the metal production) into a new barn, that Robin will build around the mid of summer
                      • Siertes

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                        Here's mine. The design isn't terribly creative like a lot I've seen.

                        • Hexprone

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                          I really like the stepping stone paths meandering through the grass -- I'm stealing that.
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                          • rhomboid

                            rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

                            your stepping stone areas are so pretty *-*
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                            • Siertes

                              Siertes Aquatic Astronaut

                              Haha thanks. It was a later addition because I was sick of the grass slowdown but it turned out looking quite nice!

                              Thanks so much :)
                              • Lil' Mini

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                                (I'm pretty certain that you've already found out how to take such screenshots by now, but I'll just make sure) Brother farmer, I have identified the means to be able to take such lovely pictures! Just follow these steps here: :proper:
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                                • Kittenykat

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                                  Not creative my eye, that's super pretty! ^^
                                  • Siertes

                                    Siertes Aquatic Astronaut

                                    Thanks heh. I'm still modifying things a bit whenever I see problems or get a new idea. It never ends!
                                    • Tamorr

                                      Tamorr Supernova

                                      Well finally out of winter, and got a bit of my layout. Small, but I am slowly working my way getting things done; so it is a start of a new year. :nuruhappy:


                                      I'd show off the silo area, but... they are just silos. >< Haven't gotten to my critter portion yet.
                                      • DoooD

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                                        Hey guys, 3 years of work... i enjoy so much to put this online, hope you'll like it too ^^ a lot of fun al ot of time... but grandpa is safe, some flowers for him will help for sure ;) and i have some more crystallarium hidden in house ^^

                                        Douda Farm.png

                                        night version incoming btw, you'll see, its almost full vision on night there ;) and wanted to say too that im poor cause i used all my gold for buy omnigeodes to sandy on wednesday :D i bought like 800 geodes in 2 weeks ^^
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                                          Barebones layout in Winter. Kinda sad I have nowhere to have a wild foresty kind of area. It's also pretty utilitarian. The keg farm is a bit of an eyesore. I look forward to CA eventually adding some kind of shed/brewery.

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