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Should there be Spoiler Tags?

  1. Only Mission Spoiler Templates.

  2. Both Mission and Exploration Spoiler Templates.

  3. Neither.

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  1. Username1907

    Username1907 Space Hobo

    With the new Storyline/Mission Quests, there will be a large amount of details that might be sensitive to those who do not want to see spoilers (for example, the final boss of the instance), so can we get a Template going for Potential Spoilers.
    I wanted to see a map of the Second Mission Quest when I was in the instance, only to be greeted by a Stub Template and a single sentence saying: "The final boss is [The final Boss for The Second Mission Quest]." I was not too thrilled, but I was glad nothing more was spoiled than a name, but now that I have completed The Fifth Mission Instance Quest, I fear others might not be ready (or willing) to glean information.

    Perhaps there could even be a "Minor Spoiler" Alert for exploration/dungeons, but that's a bit of a stretch in my honest opinion.

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