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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Kho, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Kho

    Kho Space Hobo

    I've been trying to find a mod that'll 'encourage' spouses to do chores around the farm more frequently. I married Shane and the dude mostly stares at the TV and tells me he's not going outside that day. Which is cool, y'know, you do you. But there's an awful lot of farming to be done, and not a lot of hours in a day. A little help would be nice.

    But yeah. Anyone know where to find a mod like that? If it exists.

    -Your friendly neighbourhood Nova
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    • Androxilogin

      Androxilogin Giant Laser Beams

      There is a mod for that but it only causes a dialogue box to come up at the press of a button saying they did it. They'll gather your harvest in the sense of it being sent to your inventory instead of their character actually walking out and all of that.
      • Kho

        Kho Space Hobo

        Oh sweet. Where do I find the mod?
        • Xuomi

          Xuomi Phantasmal Quasar

          @Kho The mods in question are
          • Animal Sitter Allows you to pet and harvest from your animals, including taking truffles from pigs.
          • Crab Net Lets you check and bait all crab nets you have within the game.
          • Replanter Lets you water, harvest, and replant seeds. There's also an option for Smart Replanting which will only replant seeds that are going to grow before the end of a season.
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          • Androxilogin

            Androxilogin Giant Laser Beams

            There ya go, I forgot what they were called.

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