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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by XelSlime, Sep 15, 2016.

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    I'm very slowly but surely working on a slime race mod, and I feel like I want to give the race certain traits, partially based on Space Station 13.

    Said traits are:
    -slight healing from and immunity to poison
    -slight healing from and immunity to elecricity (I never got shocked touching a live wire, and lab slimes sometimes shock when attacking)
    -apparently doesn't need to breathe (the pressure of deep space still hurt, though, but that's a physical thing)
    -health begins to regenerate after not taking damage for a second or so

    -take double damage from cold
    -receive poison damage from things that would normally cure it, since the body is made of toxic slime

    I know certain things can't be done, but I'm trying to get most of it. I gotta do some tests to know if these stats are right, some of them are guesses. Can someone correct me if I make a mistake?

    {stat = "healthRegen", amount = 1} (slow enough to not be overpowered, feels like)
    {stat = "slimeImmunity", amount = 1} (it's slime, the race is slime... it makes sense to me)
    {stat = "breathProtection", amount = 1} (I already know this one)
    {stat = "stickySlimeImmunity", amount = 1} (Not sure if this is a thing, though I admit bouncing after a fall is fun)
    {stat = "coldDamageMultiplier", effectiveMultiplier = 2.00} (unsure if this is correct, and I want to cover nitrogen too)
    {stat = "poisonDamageMultiplier", effectiveMultiplier = -0.10} (needs testing, unsure about negative values)
    {stat = "electricDamageMultiplier", effectiveMultiplier = -0.10} (not sure if these are even actual things)


    Either "electricDamageMultiplier" is incorrect, or negative values don't work. Same for "poisonDamageMultiplier". I'll try switching to "shockDamageMultiplier" and "poisonImmunity".


    Okay it's not "poisonImmunity". Maybe if I just set DamageMultiplier values to zero...? Forget healing off damage taken?


    That wasn't it either...
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  2. LordBaconator

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    Typically if you want to apply a multiplier that reduces a value you multiply the input by a value less than 1.0 such as 0.9 (-10%) or 0.35 (-65%).

    I haven't studied the status effect systems much yet so I don't know what sort of values you can actually expect them to take. If all else fails you can set your multiplier to a number above 0 that's so minute that it effectively is 0.
  3. XelSlime

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    I found some things after digging around.

    {stat = "healthRegen", amount = 1},
    {stat = "slimeImmunity", amount = 1},
    {stat = "breathProtection", amount = 1},
    {stat = "poisonStatusImmunity", amount = 1},
    {stat = "electricStatusImmunity", amount = 1}

    These all work, but the poison and electric immunies don't cover taking hits from poison and electric attacks. That's another can o' worms.

    Maybe it's just not possible to be immune to single damage types. You're either invulnerable to everything, or not. No specifics.


    Where does "fallDamageMultiplier" come from? Maybe if I knew where it was, I could make up other multipliers for specific damage types.
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