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    Starbound OnePage Website

    Hi everyone,

    Before all, excuse me for my bad english (i'm french),

    After long search, an one-page website for starbound, for community or servers doesn't exist, apparently..

    So i decide to create this very simple one-page with bootstrap, enjoy this ressource, it's free.

    Better to a screenshot rather at long speech :



    For the first experiment, please be indulgent.

    yoannm57 alias blacklocks (my second name ;) used for dev and other) .

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  2. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    Welp first

    Hey mec, comment ça va? :D C'est rare de croiser un autre français ici

    And also
    Seems like a good idea, keep going :3
  3. Virdex_

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    Weh two Frenchs in a row! And I break that row 'cause I'm italian (but I studied French in the middle school :p ) ... Ya know what else is french? Wakfu!

    Haha, back on topic: the idea is great, I hope it goes well (and if it does, it may even become a must-have for starbounders)

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