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Starbound should Ban Race Mods...

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Anuril, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    When I look at Race Mods and their credit I see this:

    Acceptable Race Mods, such as Ningen, Draenei and Inkling, are labelled AS CRAP RACE MODS, BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE EFFORTLESS HUMAN RESKINS,

    While Furry/Scaly Race Mods, like Kemono, Felin, Vespoids, Argonians and Avali GET PRAISED FOR NOT BEING LIKE A HUMAN AT ALL!

    This makes me boiling mad, as it's Pro-Furry/Scaly and Anti-Human/Anti-MetaHuman Racist, Damning Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin and Star Trek-like Race Mods while the Damn Furry Fandom gets their damn wish!

    TLDR: Read my second post.
    I propose that we just shut down the whole operation, as it's just getting out of hand. There's just not enough love for the Ningen/Draenei/Elf/Orc/Gnome/Dwarf/Goblin/Klingon/Etc. Races because of the lack of effort some modders provide in it's work. Those races could be done better, but people would rather praise the Furry Fandom instead.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
  2. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Sorry man, but I have to say a few things.
    1) I'm sorry to say, but this is not a battle you will win... Ever... Believe what you want, people will disagree.
    2) if there's not enough love for them, then garner support rather than having everyone suffer because you don't like the way people don't agree with you. Just because there's not enough good human-like race mods, doesn't mean all race mods should be banned...
    (Also, that's acting on a racial prejudice that humans are totally superior and others don't deserve to exist if better...)
    3) If you want a humanoid race that's going to get love, then make one or suggest one! It's not really too hard to make a race mod, (hence the overflow in basic furry/human reskin race mods) It's less the fact that they're a human reskin, and more that they are all in all less unique in many cases.
    Ningen- human but better. Not much beyond that.
    Inkling- Nintendo fan-work with a few unique items.
    Draenei- wow inspired with no unique items beyond clothes.
    Classic DnD races (elf, Orc, gnome, etc.)- Never done before as would be neat to see if they are done well. People won't do them because they would be seen as uncreative since they've been done before in many other games.
    Other human-like races- also haven't been done, because there's not many that come to mind that would be neat... (Besides the Star trek races, but they've been done and were quite successful at the time... An update is currently underway, and will hopefully gain more support on release.).
    The one successful human mod was the Dr. Who one, and that's in part because of all of the unique items and creatures it added beyond just cosmetics.

    And don't get me wrong, there are a TON of really bad furry mods. And it's unfortunate that the human like races aren't getting the love they deserve, beyond the awesome Nightars. (Unless you count the greckan... Because they are awesome and Full of potential due to their uniqueness...)
    Now, if I have to get my fire-proof suit on, I will. But seriously think about the consequences of what you are suggesting. Every solution comes with two kinds of consequences. Intended, and unintended...
    Think about it...
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2016
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  3. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    I've thought about it over the past few hours, and I take back my suggestion, because you are mostly right, for all points I agree with, except perhaps point No. 1.

    I guess it's better to show love for Humanlike-races and be more of a positive influence overall than to be negative and outright bash furry races, but it can be easy to do negative things as i've seen many evils and negative things done to humans and furries alike(many atrocities caused BY EACH OTHER, TO EACH OTHER). In the end, Love is the Best solution, not Hate.
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  4. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Thank you man. If you want to get a mod up and running, let me know. I'd love to help you! :)
  5. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    Also, mods are what they are, completly optional
  6. Preday

    Preday Starship Captain

    Isn't Starbound technically a furry game, though? Like, you don't even have to squint too hard to see it: you have your bird people, your monkey people, your fish/reptile people, flower people, fox people, alpaca people, frog people and even bear people.
  7. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    Not Anuril says: "inb4 Anuril ragequits Starbound after finding out that starbound is a furry game."

    Edit - Anuril Responds: "Starbound is a FURRY GAME!? FUCK THIS GAME! I'M GOING BACK TO TERRARIA!"
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  8. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Serious or no?
  9. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    Joking of course, but knows that you are a Scaly, and that I, Anuril, also used to be a Scaly.
    (I especially loved pictures/sequences of Princesses and RPG Heroines transforming into Dragons and Demons)

    I'm also wondering, is Terraria a Furry Game too?
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  10. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    (Ahem... I prefer not to be identified by that term. Funny story, people called me a lizard before I just gave up and went "scaly"... They still call me a lizard IRL...)
    Technically, no. It's not. But you will always have furries in your gaming community wherever you go... Games like starbound, skyrim, and others are just more openly admitting that they're fine with them.
  11. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    I sort of agree. Custom races are not well done, if they are, they are way too well done and are just boring. Avali, for example. I immediately. Get bored of it after the mining place when playing as avail. But, as it's been stated, you could never ever win hat battle
  12. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    And yet I love hats(elves, dwarves, vulcans, etc.) more than furries. I've been tortured by horrifying memories of the fandom ever since I've left, and the only way to find peace is to distract myself from it's existence. Problem with the Internet is Furries are everywhere. Maybe I should try looking to other video games and Real Life instead, and probably avoid the Internet for a while.

    TLDR: There's also this sickening lust of woeful Transformation of Innocent Women into Vicious Monsters inside of me that beckons me to come back to the Fandom.
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  13. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Beware, for they lurk everywhere in the gaming industry as well... Thankfully, I've been able to keep away from the fandom as best as I can by distracting and satisfying myself with my own works. (See- Sallok Race Mod)
    Still doesn't change the fact that not many people want to see just more retextured humans... But it would seem that we're getting an influx of good non-furry race mods. (See- Greckan Race Mod. You might be interested in them. Also keep an eye out for the drozolians.)
  14. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Dat advert tho.
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  15. Anuril

    Anuril Orbital Explorer

    are the Greckan and drozolians updated for 1.1?
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  16. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    The greckan are, not the drozolians yet.
    But soon...
    Very soon...
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  17. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    I think race mods are a good thing. It adds some more depth and customisation to the game. The only reason it seems like it's all furry lovers is because they're ones putting effort into making the mods. And besides, who cares if it is furry anyway? I'm not one myself but I don't see the harm in giving people the option to play as anthropomorphic animals. The non-furry ones are, like you said, basically human re-skins that don't add as much. If you want better human-like race mods then give your support and spread the word for them.
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  18. Chofranc

    Chofranc Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, mods are optional anyway, but i think that is more a problem of "uniqueness" and taste, for example i like more the races with a different shape of the human shape(head and body type) because that mean that the modder should have be done unique stuff that is more compatible with his unique body shape race.

    By the other hand, the modders that upload their unfinished mod, i think that they do that because with that they make sure that they continue to work in their mod. I read from some modders that worked in a mod for long time and never finished they mods because they lose their passion or inspiration in his mod.
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  19. Iaeyan Elyuex

    Iaeyan Elyuex Cosmic Narwhal

    I like all of them. Inklings, Avali, Nightars, Kemono, I'm not picky. I'm into Babylon 5, and I saw a few B5 race mods which look cool. I don't want to get any mods that actually add server-side stuff until the updates slow down, though.

    Not all furries are the "bad" ones. I have a condition that cranks up my sensory system, and I think fur feels nice, (I have a dog who is very fluffy) and for that reason, I think it would feel nice to hug fluffy people. I seem to have an arrangement of pressure points that when pressed all at once, it makes me happy. These points are coincidentally all pressed when I hug someone. I want hugs from them, not... that. I like hugs so much that I keep a list of fictional characters I wish I could hug, but I digress.

    TL;DR Many people disagree with you, and CF won't ban an entire genre of mod.
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  20. creca

    creca Big Damn Hero

    hmmm, how would you feel about a elder things mod? i am genuinely cureous, it looks nothing like a human, but it wouldn't be a furry because it doesn't look like any earth animal and more twords the 'starfish alien' end of the spectrum of alien humanoidness, also would you be ok with something that cannot even be compared to anything earthly?
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