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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by RomadE, Sep 1, 2016.

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    //EDIT 10/0/2016 4:42PM//

    Here are some new sprites
    And a GIF of Tonauac

    //EDIT 10/0/2016 4:42PM//


    Here are some sprites that I made for a total conversion mod that I have in mind and want to create (which involves making the game have more of a "Dragon Ball Z" feel to it, these are just alterations to the Starbound universe and lore; there won't be DBZ characters in it)
    However, I'm here because I want to know if I can get feedback on these sprites; I'm not in the "Fan Art" section to talk about the mod itself, I think that'd be against the rules.[​IMG]

    There are only like two or three sprites from Starbound itself that I copied. However, I only used those for reference in creating the rest of the sprites and for coloring the other sprites. If in spite of all that, this still counts as plagiarism, I'll apologize and take down this thread.

    There's a good amount of sprites that are WIPs, but there are more that are finished.

    Let me know what you think so far, or let me know if and how this violates rules somehow.
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    First of all, ruin guardians. Hell to the yeah...
    Second, awesome sprites! I can see you've put much work into them.
    Third, so how do you plan to totally convert starbound?
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    The "Ruin Guardians" are simply supposed to be Asra Nox having decided to absorb (some of) the Ruin's power (although the only characteristic the two forms share would be the dangling hair, or tentacle, in front of her face).
    And thank you, I'm glad you can appreciate the effort I put into these sprites.

    I figured I could start with adding in the races (which would just be the 7 main races in the game, but modified for the purpose for this game and for the time being separate from the main races themselves) and I'd learn as I go along.
    I'd also add the ability to throw punches, kicks, and ki blasts (however, because of that, I'll be doing away with weapons and armor)
    I think I can also ask around the Modding forms for help in some of the more advanced things I have planned (like whether the game can handle a Great Ape sized enemy, +30 enemies onscreen, and both at once. If the game can't handle that, I'll ask whether I can modify the game so that it can handle all that)

    And I'd give each race a 'transformation' of sorts.

    The Humans can use the nimbus and the power pole (like in Xenoverse 2).
    The Avians can go Super S'Avian.
    The Glitch can go into "overdrive" (Basically Kaioken) and/or have the ability to fuse with other glitch.
    The Apex can either turn into Giant Apes or transform into Super Saiyan 4.
    The Florans can stretch their limbs and perhaps turn giant.
    The Hylotl... At the moment, I can only think of them going into Mystic mode and have their third eye glow. EDIT: Perhaps I can give them the ability to do a non-permanent version of a Potara fusion (and other abilities associated with the Kaioshin) /EDIT
    The Novakids can go into a 'supernova' state and turn completely white.

    The plot of Starbound would remain largely the same (catastrophe happens in home planet, you escape, you end up stranded on a planet and need to find a way to get off the planet, then find a way to travel between solar systems, and you go on missions involving the races). There'd also be a hub to go to for missions (like with Toki Toki City in Xenoverse).
    After chaos starts occurring on Earth and you need to escape, Asra Nox will appear and WILL chase you down to kill you if she isn't distracted with killing other members of the Protectorate and causing collateral damage (and destroying the portraits and other important relics as a middle finger to the Protectorate and Esther). After escaping by Saiyan Pod, it gets broken upon landing and you end up stranded on the planet. You hijack a Saiyan Pod from a band of cultists and find out that they were planning to raid the Outpost, with the coordinates being registered. You go to where the coordinates lead, and the rest is history.

    EDIT: Because of the nature of a mod like this one, I'm considering doing away with the focus of mining and building. However, if I am to keep the focus in underground exploration, I'd make the player's earth-shattering blasts an efficient way of excavating. /EDIT
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    Mind hitting me up on steam RomadE? I'm starting to get into modding and wanted to ask a few questions,because i'm looking to do some similar modding myself.
  5. RomadE

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    Alright. What is your Steam ID?

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