Stardew Valley character ages and why

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    Ah, i havent paid much attention to Emily yet, so I missed that dialog.
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      and then i make friends with her mom and saw this . i think Caroline is reffering to Abigail's immaturity or college

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        Shane is way too jaded to be that young. I'd say he's more in his late 20's..minimum 26 but more likely 27/28

        Harvey is suppose to be an older bachelor and he has some lonely old man hobbies so I'd say 31/32. (though I don't consider that old necessarily.

        I would say George and evelyn are more likely in their 70s.
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          I never really though about character ages much, but I like this list. It gives each character some perspective.
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            Speculating about age myself about character ages, I place Harvey and Elliot in their 40's. Harvey because Med School and Elliot because he had a life he abandoned to become an author. I'm betting Leah is in her 30's similar to Elliot she had another life, whilst the way Abigail is written, she seems so much younger than everyone else, like 14-16. I guess it is the defiance and fighting with her mother. Sebastian is probably mid to late 20's, and here is why: His sister is supposed to be a 20 something also, unless her mom moved on with life when he was 2-3, He laments skipping college, So based on that 25-29 age range if he's post college age. Sam seems like a highschooler, or 19 and still in High school. His immaturity, like Abigail's throws off the age guessing a smidge off. Emily seems like she's mid 20's, she works and wants to pursue fashion. Alex seems older than Sam but younger than Sebastian, but not much. Haley seems like she's 17-19, she's the prettiest girl in town and knows it and she comes off spoiled and self absorbed. Shane seems like a man going through a divorce who doesn't value his life anymore. I've haven't played with the character enough but I'd peg him late 20s to mid 30s. Maru seem like she's 19-20, college age and bright. I love how a geologist and a carpenter had a robotic hobbyist who dabbles in the medical field. Makes me wonder about Sebastian's dad. Penny feels like a 24-28 year old, she's just so mousey that she seems younger in some respects.

            Harvey, 44-47, due to medical school and residency. Huge nerd with the whole airplane thing and a hypocrite, a doctor who lives off junk food and is way to sedentary for his own good.
            Elliot, 40-44, Had a mid-life crisis and ran away to Stardew Valley to be an author, seems somewhat vain and flitty
            Alex 20-24, Brags about his high school glory days whilst still looking like a kid
            Sam 19, he seems like he'd be delivering pizzas while juggling school
            Sebastian 24-28, laments skipping college, acts way older than his friends
            Shane 30's seems like he's taken a hit to the family jewels and hasn't learned how to stand up again just yet.
            Leah 30's, she's more together than the other girls and a smidge less angsty
            Emily 25-27, Works and takes care of her sister. She's the cook for pete's sake.
            Haley 17-20, maybe a 20 something that hasn't evolved beyond High school mentality.
            Abigail 16, due to fighting with her mother and being defiant and rebellious like a younger person would be. She is supposedly older, I guess she's incredibly immature.
            Penny 24-28, seems neutered by life circumstances, she's older but acts younger in some regards because she's sheltered.
            Maru 19-22, maybe...
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              I agree with it all, except Harvey. I think he's older. Very few doctors are 30 with their own practice. well....maybe he could be 31-32. He just seems older and maybe a pervert being all suggestive with Maru.
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                Well, about Abby fighting with her mother, you don't grow out of that, you need distance and freedom to break that behaviour. The longer they live together, the worst it's most likely going to get (or it'll come to a point where they'll just ignore each other) and I can almost guarantee it'll stop shortly after Abby moves out on her own. And I talk from experience, both first and second hand.

                Also, they're all definitely 20+ years old, as confirmed by CA.
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                  If theyre below 18 then i feel bad about marrying them , i agree Abigail is incredibly immature.
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                    I recall Emily mentioning during her 6 heart event that she hadn't danced that much since Abigail's graduation, but then Abigail is arguing with her mum about staying at home while she studies. As for her rebellious, argumentative attitude...she sounds like many grown adults (maturity doesn't automatically come with age).
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                      Not to mention, Sebastian's father is not Demetrius!

                      Sebastian is explicitly Maru's older half-brother, it makes the most sense that there are at least a couple of years between them.
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                        [QUOTE="TrashyVerse, post: 2979370, member: 603828"
                        Maru – 19

                        Sebastian – 19

                        How old do you think everyone is?[/QUOTE]

                        This doesn't work, because it's been established that Robin is Maru's and Sebastian's mom, so either Sebastian needs to go up by at least two years (my prefrerence due to him being old enough to have stepdad issues) or Maru needs to go down a couple of years. Since she's a prodigy, it's feasible that she could have entered nursing school early, but then that brings an "ick" factor to romancing her.

                        Lucky me, Sebastian's more my type.
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                          True... My older sister is a good example of that.
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                            I've never really thought of vincent's and jas's age, since they can't age, will stay kids for kinda forever. i would say they would be in, maybe, third grade, maybe second? Since jas says they learned cursive, you would think they would be older but i learned in second grade so..... anyways they also seem really short, and since you would guess all the (dating) canidates are in about i would say 20 or above (except harvey), you would think they would be a little taller if they were ten or eleven. Thats what i think.
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                                I really never thought about the ages before. I did assume that of the marriageable NPCs Harvey seemed to be the oldest, having gone to college and then medical school, not to mention residency before moving to Pelican Town. It was one of the main reasons I chose to marry him in my first farm. I had thought that perhaps Seb would be a good choice but he's just such a downer. One the the phrases he used one day was, "I thought I might mope in bed today, I kinda wish I had now." I thought, that's cheerful. Shane has a bad drinking problem and he has been contemplating jumping off the cliff by the sewers, so he would NOT be a good choice. Alex has a lot of abandonment issues with his abusive dad and the death of his mom, plus he still lives in the glory days of his high school football team. Elliott is just, well he's a writer and tends to be a bit scatterbrained. I don't know a lot about Sam beyond his love for his music and worrying about his Dad. So perhaps there will be no marriage on my latest play through. Or I might go the same sex route this time, but even there I'm not sure who I'd choose. Only I would never choose Hayley, too self centered. Maybe Maru at least she could build a robot for the farm.:3
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                                  I may be way out of the ballpark here, but here's what I've always thought for the marriage candidates. Some of them might have reasons, whereas some of them are just my estimation with no real reason:

                                  Abigail- Maybe 20 at most. I can see her being the youngest of the marriage candidates, even if others are similar in age to her. She is quite immature, yes, and if it wasn't for CA's confirming that all of the candidates are 20 or above, I'd probably place her at 18 or 19.

                                  Alex- 22, probably. Young enough to still have dreams and the motivation to fulfill them.

                                  Emily- My guess is at least 25. Likely older. I'd put her at 28-30. However, I don't think there's any way she's younger than 25.

                                  Elliott: 30. Though I could see him being younger, his sophistication and maturity makes me think he's a little older than the other bachelors. Not as old as Harvey is, sure, but still.

                                  Haley- I'm thinking 21. She looks older, sure, but the way she treats your farmer at first and her immaturity when it comes to cleaning kind of makes me think she's younger than she appears.

                                  Harvey- 35.

                                  Leah- 28, perhaps? She seems to know how to get by on her own.

                                  Maru- Maybe 24.

                                  Penny- Probably 25 at least, considering she tutors the kids, and if I take into account the assumption that she wanted to become a teacher. I'm not sure how long the learning process would take, but I'd assume a couple of years at least.

                                  Sam- 21, probably, maybe only a couple of months older than Abby. He's definitely young enough to still have some youthful zeal. Though again, I can't imagine him being any closer to Abby's age.

                                  Sebastian- Going off my previous assumption that Maru's 24, I'd probably go for 27 at the earliest. Depends on how quickly Robin and Demetrius' relationship went, really.

                                  Shane- Call this strange, but I can't imagine him being more than 25. I know he laments about being 'old and weak' when he mentions that he used to play gridball, but given that I've heard 25 being described as peak physical condition before (can't remember where, though), it kind of makes me think that he sees himself getting weaker and weaker once he's past that point.
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                                    I would do this:
                                    (Bachelorettes and bachelors only tho)
                                    Abigail: 21-22
                                    Alex: 19-20
                                    Elliott: 23-24
                                    Emily: 21-24
                                    Haley: 16-19
                                    Harvey: 28-32
                                    Leah: 21-24
                                    Maru: 17-20
                                    Sam: 21-24
                                    Sebastian:21 (Because that's the legal age of smoking in my country)
                                    Shane: 21-32
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                                      Here's a few random thoughts:
                                      A new bit of text in version 1.3 (a note) describes Harvey, Elliot and Shane is the "older" bachelors in town. (In that order, though they're not explicitly ranked by age.) So presumably they are the oldest three, but I think most people would assume so anyway.

                                      On the ladies's side, for some reason, Maru seems the youngest to me. I guess it would be between her and Abigail, they both mention collage I think (or some type of classes). Even though Maru is in many ways more mature, to me she comes across more as a young prodigy. Maybe it's the way she dresses.

                                      None of the bachelorettes seem very old though, I would say Leah and Penny are most likely the oldest two. Leah alone seems like she might be close to 30. She's the only one who lives my herself, and she's had a previous serious relationship.

                                      Out of curiosity, does everyone agree that Emily is the older sister? Is that ever mentioned in-game? I'm inclined to agree, but I could be convinced it was the other way around. The hippie chick thing she's got going makes it a little hard to judge. Whereas Haley acts very immature, but her portrait looks like it could easily be middle 20s or even older. But maybe she's just using alot of makeup to look that way.
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                                        Harvey has a full MD, so he's mid thirties to forties at least just to have that level of education. Shane seems roughly comparable, he's got a niece who is in grade school, and is doing that whole 'minimum wage slave' thing, having given up on any greater opportunities. It's pretty clear that Shane has had some life experiences of his own, I'm almost certain he's had at least one divorce, and that there was some friction in his immediate family. This is a fellow that life has shat upon, and for quite some time.

                                        Elliot... seems like a younger 20's sort of fellow, one who spends more time writing and sunset gazing than being practical, and has never had to subsist on practicality.

                                        Alex is your typical high school grad jock who is going to be a freshman in college the following year on a sports scholarship. I'd put him at 18-19 at most.

                                        Sam... is harder to pin down. He's got the whole 'high school band' vibe going, but we all know he has at least graduated. So like Alex, probably 19ish.

                                        Sebastian... I'd probably put as around 20-22ish. He's got his own internet business, even if he does still live in his mother's basement. He's got a motorcycle license, and smokes. So yea.

                                        So while it is probably fair to say Harvey, Shane, and Elliot are the three oldest, it would probably be more accurate to say Harvey and Shane are older, with Elliot as the oldest of the younger crowd. And even then, I'd probably put Sebastian as just as old, if not older, than Elliot, just to make room for Maru's eligibility. Speaking of which...

                                        For the ladies...

                                        If it wasn't for the fact that Maru is the younger sister of Sebastian, I'd put her age at higher than his. Indeed, one reason I push Sebastian's age up is that Maru is definitely several years younger than him, just by basic biology. As it stands, probably 19ish.

                                        Haily and Emily could actually be twins... it'd be one of those 'twins who go totally opposite directions' thing which is a fairly common trope to invoke. One went Valley Girl, the other went Granola Hippy New Ager. They're both probably around 20.

                                        Abigail is tough to judge. Every time I meet her, I hear Admiral Akbar yelling in my ear that she's an underage trap. Every bit of her attitude screams 'sulky teen trying to pretend to be an adult because she thinks she's ready'. However, we also know she's not only graduated high school, but taking college level correspondence courses. So maybe 19? Certainly not more.

                                        Penny seems a bit older than the previous ladies. She's taken on the role of Schoolmarm, broadly and generally educated enough to act as such, probably a teacher's certificate as well to be able to fill that role, which means at least a batchelor's degree or equivalent. Call her mid-twenties.

                                        Leah is the oldest of the bunch, probably approaching 30 fairly soon. She's already had a couple of post-school life events happen. She almost got married, then dumped the bastard, then moved out here. She's woods-wise enough to supplement her diet from the forest. From the way she describes her artwork, it's clear that she's got some college level art school education. She's had a lot of life experiences, and that takes time.
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                                          i dunno, penny's build and demenour makes her feel really young, i'd say the same age as alex and sam

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