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Discussion in 'Mods' started by hmfanbtnann, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. hmfanbtnann

    hmfanbtnann Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello. :)

    I'm working on a dialogue mod that will add more depth to the villagers and give players a reason to continue talking to them.

    My goal is to give each of the 33 giftable NPCs two lines of dialogue for each day of the year, with unique dialogue at every 2 heart levels. If you calculate that all out, that is a LOT of new dialogue.

    I'd also like to add some additional marriage dialogue for each bachelor/bachelorette.

    What this mod will NOT add is new events. I am by no means a programmer. I only know how to edit dialogue.

    This project is going to take a lot of time, but I think the end result would be worth it. I'm considering making this a group effort; however, that may result in inconsistencies in the characters' backgrounds/histories. I am definitely open to suggestions!

    In order to be respectful of everyone's differing beliefs, I will try to refrain from using religious, political, or any other controversial subject matter in this mod unless it has already been established in game (ie. Yoba, Pam & Shane's alcoholism, modest innuendos, etc). I'm intending the language to be somewhere between PG to PG-13.
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    • Androxilogin

      Androxilogin Existential Complex

      I appreciate G rated myself, just due to the nature of the game and the fact I started modding this game for my niece (who is 8). In my personal copy I've removed all of the swearing but I've often thought about making Abigail a stoner.
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      • hmfanbtnann

        hmfanbtnann Void-Bound Voyager

        I suppose I could release two versions, one censored, one uncensored.

        I was actually toying with making Caroline an ex stoner, haha! Her constant criticism of Abigail makes me think someone is projecting.
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        • farmerbunbun

          farmerbunbun Void-Bound Voyager

          wow...this is such a great idea for a mod :D G-rated dialogue sounds good, but I really like the idea of Caroline being an ex-stoner :^)

          I'd love to see more, just....lovey/flirty dialogue from date-able characters when you're dating, instead of them acting like nothing has changed outside of heart events. Is that something you can do with a dialogue mod?
          • Spencerr_

            Spencerr_ Void-Bound Voyager

            Hey, Id really love this! If youd like help writing dialogue let me know, I'd be interested! I also agree with farmerbunbun (although id like a more pg-13 version of the game), and I'd love to see people acknowledge that youre married/inlaw stuff. I don't know how possible that is with this mod but I figured I'd give you some suggestions too c:
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            • dollbae

              dollbae Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              sounds fantastic
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              • hmfanbtnann

                hmfanbtnann Void-Bound Voyager

                I'd also personally like a more PG-13 friendly mod. I think it'd be easy enough to make the mod, then go back and censor it. You can absolutely change spouse dialogue with a mod! I already made a personal one for Sebastian. ^_^

                And I know how to make *certain* characters recognize your marriage. For example, if you married Maru, I could give Sebastian, Robin, & Demetrius lines to talk about your marriage. I'm not sure what the command would be characters to be able to recognize who you married on their own or that you're even married. Some engagement lines would be nice as well, but that's beyond my skill level as of now.

                I just realized how long this mod will take. I got 60/600+ lines created for Abigail yesterday (not including marriage dialogue). :rofl: So I'm definitely willing to take suggestions if you're interested!
                • alinwood

                  alinwood Void-Bound Voyager

                  That's amazing!I'm looking forward to it!
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                  • farmerbunbun

                    farmerbunbun Void-Bound Voyager

                    If you add flirty dialogue for girlfriends and boyfriends I will be eternally grateful :love: its my number 1 issue with dating at the moment.

                    As for suggestions:

                    Leah: Maybe more comments about art in general? Comments about what pieces she's working on (when dating: "When does naming sculptures after your girl/boyfriend stop being cute and become embarrassing?"), different types of art she's interested in - like she loves painting and sculpting, but maybe she's never tried water colours or painting digitally? After the art show heart event, she could comment on wanting to do another show, and get all excited over showcasing new art.

                    Sam: I haven't done anything with Sam yet, so I dunno if this is already in the game? But I love the idea of him being a closet anime fan :^) based on his Dragon Ball Z-like haircut.

                    Penny: As you get closer to her - maybe 4 or 5 hearts deep? - we could get more genuine comments from her about alcohol and why she hates it so much. Maybe even a little resentment over Gus giving Pam a free beer on her birthday. On a happier note - maybe some dialogue about how much she likes poppies? If I remember correctly, she's the only npc in the entire game who likes being given a poppy. Everyone else hates it.

                    I can't think of anything else r/n but if you're okay w/ it, I'll drop more ideas here as they come :D

                    EDIT: actually thought of more stuff r/n lol

                    Evelyn: More comments about the flower beds she's in charge of - maybe name-dropping particular flowers, like tulips, and talks about how much she likes them; maybe complaining about how cold weather makes her 'old bones' hurt (maybe George could say something similar?); as we get closer to her, she can talk about her and George as a young couple, or talk about how Stardew Valley was in her youth, stuff like that.

                    Willy: comments about his adventures at sea. I guess you'd have to make these up, but that could be fun :D

                    Vincent: Instead of being excited for school with Penny every single day, maybe he could have days where he's annoyed, or upset? Maybe comments like "We don't even have a school, who cares!" More comments about the weather - maybe he's super excited by the snow and making snowmen in winter; maybe he's excited about icecream in summer. Jas can get excited about the weather, too ^^
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                    • hmfanbtnann

                      hmfanbtnann Void-Bound Voyager

                      I LOVE these ideas! <3 I actually think Sam's anime fandom would be plausible because I was going to make Abigail + Sebastian anime fans as well.

                      With Penny, I was definitely going to give her more of a sad back story with Pam's alcoholism so everything you said was 100% on point. I could probably tie the poppy in as well giving it some powerful emotional significance. I had been thinking about Penny being the love child between Pam and some married Joja CEO who left her when she got pregnant.

                      I would love to come up with a cute backstory for Evelyn & George. We don't really know that much about them in their youth, do we? They also both knew your farmer's grandfather, so we could throw in some stories about their shenanigans. Evelyn is really dedicated too, given how she's taken care of a wheelchair bound George for what was it, 30 years?

                      Willy was one that I thought would be kind of difficult given that he doesn't have a lot of in game dialogue to go off of except fishing. I'd have to do more research. Maybe he worked for a big industrialized fishing company before and decided to go solo or something like that?

                      It would definitely make a lot of sense for Vincent to be a little rebellious or emotional given his father having been gone for 3 years. He probably doesn't know his dad that well. I have some family members who've been in the military for a long time so I could make a pretty good story line about Kent's deployments, Jodi being a military wife/mom and having to move frequently due to Kent's service. They could be really dynamic.

                      Great ideas! If you have any more suggestions, I'm more than happy to hear them! I might, for the sake of getting something released a tad sooner, cut down the dialogue to a new dialogue every day with maybe 8-10 heart dialogues that will override certain days if they meet the heart requirements. I also may be collaborating with another mod, but that's early in the works so I'll continue to work on this. I've made a lot of progress on Abigail and have been throwing some things in for Elliot as well (he's going to be so much fun ^_^).
                      • TimeLord97

                        TimeLord97 Space Spelunker

                        You gave me the idea of how I feel like Evelyn, George and your farmer's granddad are like the older version of Sam, Abigail, and Sebastian. Maybe they could tell stories about how they used to be a band (completely random really given all Evelyn really tells me during festivals is how George used to be such a loving gentleman) or at least all obsessed over a band together (maybe like a SDV version of the Beatles? :rofl:) It's definitely a way in-game for your farmer to get to know what your granddad was like. Evelyn could even tell stories about Alex's parents? I feel like she's the little grandma that tells stories of the past while wearing an apron and feeding you cookies lol :3
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                        • Spencerr_

                          Spencerr_ Void-Bound Voyager

                          Hey I was thinking I'd like a background story for Shane Marnie and Jas, and I'd also like to help write it if you're willing o:
                          • Balentay

                            Balentay Void-Bound Voyager

                            Definitely putting this on my watch list!
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                            • Iomega0318

                              Iomega0318 Big Damn Hero

                              Ditto, most of the time I skip through the dialog as I've heard it all before.. would be nice to have more :)
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                              • DarkenedAngel

                                DarkenedAngel Void-Bound Voyager

                                I have a few ideas i would like to share if that is okay! I can also help write some stuff if you want, but I should mention I cannot program for shit.

                                Sebby - Is a stoner too, gets high with Abby sometimes/used to. Maybe he can admit he was a ginger/someone else says it.

                                Gus - I don't know if this is possible but maybe a rareish thing where he goes into more detail about 'hearing to much' about the residents. Like, where he seems concerned about Pam or something, I don't know.

                                Shane - How the fudge are all of them related? Also, I've had these two head-cannons that he isn't fond of the mayor due to how he treats Marnie, and doesn't like Harvey either due to Harvey not giving him anti-depressants.

                                Penny - maybe some mentions of her dad?

                                Jas + Vincent - ANYTHING. They have like no development and it bothers me. Maybe they can react if you're dating someone? Like Jas can just snicker at you, Vincent just smiles or if you're dating Penny he just isn't a fan? Again, not sure what is possible.

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                                • markgomer

                                  markgomer Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I'm looking forward to this mod!!
                                  • RutilusWarlock

                                    RutilusWarlock Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Looking forward to this, now to wait. :3
                                    • fynx

                                      fynx Void-Bound Voyager

                                      oh man, this sounds really great, and i'd love to help out if you'd like the help?

                                      i actually am a programmer- albeit one that's new to modding stardew valley- so adding in extra events is something i might be able to help with (if you'd be interested) once i've messed around with modifying things a bit. :DD
                                      • Joystiel

                                        Joystiel Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I'm looking forward to this very much yes this is good very good indeed.
                                        • nevermiss123

                                          nevermiss123 Space Hobo

                                          looking forward to your mod, good luck :D

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