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Bug/Issue Stardew Valley: Text box Continuous Popup

Discussion in 'Support' started by khittyy, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. khittyy

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    When I go to the TV in game and click any of the channels available for that day, the game glitches, and the text box keeps popping up in a continuous loop. When this occurs, I am unable to do anything to stop it or reverse the action, forcing me to shut down the game entirely. There are some in-game days where this issue will not occur, but as the game days have progressed, this issue has become more frequent. For example, the issue used to occur every other day, now it has occurred every day for the past three days in a row.

    This text box issue has also occurred after finding a Lost Book, and striking a boulder with a starter [non-upgraded] pickaxe.

    I have even loaded one of my old saved game files, and the issue occurred there as well. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not help fix the issue. Uninstalling Steam and reinstalling Steam didn't fix the issue either.

    I play on a Macbook Pro Model A1502 (Yes, I know it's old, but it runs other games without any problems). My laptop is fully up to date with the latest software update.

    Could someone please help me fix this issue?

    Yesterday, I posted a thread about this issue, and a short while after the post went up, the issue appeared to be resolved-- or so I thought.

    Just recently, while playing the game, I took my character to the annual Stardew Valley Fair. The first thing I did was place all my high quality crops into the grange display, and started up the judging. As Mayor Lewis went to announce the winner, the continuous text box popup issue occurred, and I was forced to close my game.

    After a few more retries, I tried to just play one of the booths instead (I chose the strength booth), and this issue occurred there as well. Even attempting to talk to the NPCs that are not locals of Stardew Valley triggered the same issue.

    I must also mention that I had to update Steam before this issue started reoccurring.

    Can someone please fix this issue?
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