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WIP StarTech Themed 2.0

Discussion in 'Furniture and Objects' started by Yanazake, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Yanazake

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    WARNING! This page was preliminar for the wip info and all that. For the first release, click the link below!


    Alright star-faring pals; This is something I felt that shouldn't stay abandoned, so I took up the challenge and I'm now ready to work on it!

    That said, feedback, material hunting and suggestions - as well as PERMISSIONS [this is important, seriously] are very welcome! To be more specific, I need furniture themed on the race or theme in question to get a feel or a base to start from and make the furniture options.

    I'll edit this first post to make the presentation part when it's time to release the first version. I'm new to all this, so bear with me :U

    Version 0.4 B (Continuing from where thakyZ stopped)
    • Removing redundant entries
    • Made the two available Transmatter Controller recipes available by crafting the original one
    • Added a quick fix for the Fluxpulse Augpack so it won't break when put on a mannequin
    • Made Novakid/Steampunk themed Controller.
    • Fixed wrong paths causing crashes when placing any themed item.

    the first.png

    zetaPrime for creating Star Tech and Starlib
    thakyZ for creating Star Tech Themed and giving me permission to work on it
    Sayter for making me realize I wasn't paying attention to my patching
    Aegonian, Nebulox, and some peeps from Elithian Races community for discussing coding with me.
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  2. Yanazake

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    And now an official double-post, since the first one will be edited heavily.

    I took the liberty to make a collection of the original transmatter network centerpiece from Startech, the two themed centerpieces from StarTech Themed, and all vanilla box-like objects I could find. Also some Avali storage items that I can probably use for them.

    Thing is, I felt like there is a lot, and I mean a LOT of things missing! The original StarTech Themed description listed the following themes to work on.
    I'll mark them with green to represent what resource I have in hand, orange for what exists but I still need to find/improve/edit, and red for what may need to be done from scratch or needs permission. When something is done, It'll be listed in BLUE and added to the Changelog.

    Vanilla Themes:
    Wooden, Glitch village/Castle, Avian Tomb/Temple/Tribal, Hylotl City/Traditional, Novakid (I need some input help on this), Floran, Apex Town/Lab, Human/Protectorate, Outpost

    Modded Themes:
    Slime Race, Kazdra, Felin, Avali, Elithian Races, Familiars, Frackin' Universe Mytho/Lab/any other theme, Greckan (I need some help on this one, since I have never played this race, yet...), Orcana

    I plan to also work on them, in no particular order... But It escapes me how little furniture on the races there seems to be. Are the boxes and crates are seriously reused that much between races and biomes/minibiomes??

    Update: Found the minibiome stuff, and I'm putting it all on the same image as I find what can be useful.

    You can follow development here in this Google Sheet page.

    Oh maaan, it's kinda fun and annoying at the same time having to redo a lot of these sprites and object info/paths, but when they start working... Pure love.

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  3. Yanazake

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