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Stuck fishing sound

Discussion in 'Support' started by FakeGeekGamerGirl, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. FakeGeekGamerGirl

    FakeGeekGamerGirl Big Damn Hero

    So I was doing the Stardew Village Festival (Autumn) and I was doing the fishing challenge to rack up star tokens. I'd seen that if the timer ran out while you were fishing, the game would let you finish before teleporting you out. However, I ended one round casting on the last second, so it started the reel sound, but kept going as I teleported out. It would not end until I restarted the game, after which it was done.
    • Draks

      Draks Subatomic Cosmonaut

      This occurred to me aswell, the sound carried on through the rest of the festival, after returning home, and waking up the next day. But upon restarting the game, the sound was gone.
      • SomeBrian

        SomeBrian Intergalactic Tourist

        Same here... That sound was drilling into my brain the entire festival
        • likwid

          likwid Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Yep just wrote something up about it as well. Must have been a duplicate because of this thread and gotten deleted.
          • Draks

            Draks Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I got lucky in that I was mostly done with festival by the time it occurred, I was just a few hundred shy of the stardrop, so I kept chugging through it.
            • FakeGeekGamerGirl

              FakeGeekGamerGirl Big Damn Hero

              After ten minutes of the noise, I just gambled and won and got the heck out, lol.
              • Osmedirez

                Osmedirez Phantasmal Quasar

                So (blah,crap, gotta change my gravitar) seems like you get this bug when you 'hit' a catch but get timed out before the reel animation begins. It's a very very small window of bug, so the easiest solution would be to stop the timeout event the moment the 'hit' occurs, rather than, what it seems to do, is only pause once the reeling UI is active. I also got this, but it only occurred once when I got the hit at 1 second or less, possibly 2 transitioning to 1, because I had some less than 1 second 'hits' that just outed before the reeling UI came up, and that didn't add another instance of the sound effect, or reset the bugged reeling sound effect. Hope that helps, thank you CA for the best game that no one ever thought to make!
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                • Tak - Bender of Steel

                  Tak - Bender of Steel Big Damn Hero

                  It is possible to begin reeling in a fish just as the timer for the game ends, causing the Reel sound effect to play continuously after the fishing game is force closed. Saving and restarting the game corrects the issue, so a fix is not necessarily required for something that is likely really hard to do. I'm probably just special.

                  Edit: Osmedirez has it right on the Bug I believe. I just posted my own thread (which I'm going to go delete now) describing the same way to replicate the effect.
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                  • ConcernedApe

                    ConcernedApe Stardew Valley Dev Developer

                    Should be fixed in the next build!

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