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Discussion in 'Mods' started by leliocakes, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. leliocakes

    leliocakes Orbital Explorer

    Hey all! I'm still pretty new to modding the game, and I'm trying to fix my mods for 1.4. I have almost everything settled, but I'm still having the following issues:

    • My furniture CPs aren't showing up in Robin's shop, and the furniture loading into my house is crazy (sorry for the red filter lol)
    • My log is telling me that I messed up SDVE's Grampleton Fields somehow
    • My fence craftable is no longer working (I like to have yellog's wood fence [the flowery ones] on my farm, which is conflicting with SDVE?). I tried changing the content.json file to have it replace the stone fence instead, but it didn't work :/
    • Is Elven Krobus no longer an option? I tried using the Standardized Krobus mod to fix it and it didn't work.

    I'm also getting errors from a few other mods, like TMXLoader, Climates of Ferngill, and Kawaii Hats.

    I would really, really, really love some help figuring this out.
    Here is my log:

    Thank you for your time ;__; And please let me know if I've posted this to the wrong place!
    • Moragaine

      Moragaine Existential Complex

      Okay, a few things: There seems to be a problem with the TMXL that was uploaded last night, roll back to the next to last unofficial update; Grampleton Fields was removed from SVE (temporarily, we hope) because of loading issues; no I don't believe you can use Elven Krobus atm, that may probably change; for the hats, you're probably better off using the JsonAssets version.
      • leliocakes

        leliocakes Orbital Explorer

      • Moragaine

        Moragaine Existential Complex

        Custom Furniture still isn't fixed; it either works for you or it doesn't.. Mine quit working, so I'm just being patient until it's updated completely (the author is back for now, but not sure how long before they get busy again). I'm not sure about the fences, I've just been using the SVE ones, since I like the snowy look they have in winter.
        • nimiar

          nimiar Aquatic Astronaut

          They aren't exactly the same, but you might try a different fence mod for your flowery look - Seasonal Fences is updated and working, and according to the description it does work with SVE.
          • leliocakes

            leliocakes Orbital Explorer

            @Moragaine Ahh, okay! Thank you again!! I will try to be patient lol.
            @nimiar Ooh, awesome idea! Thank you so much!!
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