Boss Suggestion on How to Improve Bosses

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by ShepherdsPie, Dec 13, 2013.

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    In a different thread, it was very briefly discussed the idea of the bosses being more like Megaman bosses and with that in mind, making the bosses found rather than spawned could probably fix a lot of the issues with bosses. My logic is that if, for example, the bosses all have their own special dungeons and their own special room in said dungeon, they no longer really need to be aware of their own surroundings so long as nothing is either buildable or destroyable in the "boss room." That way the bosses could just go along their pre-made script of actions. Instead of creating a spawner for the bosses, the player could instead create a "key" that may or may not trigger an event. An example for the first boss would be that the penguin army shows up and after defeating them you get the coordinates and password/convenient plot device to get into their base.

    I realize this would probably be pretty difficult, not only making a dungeon, but programming it in such a way that it does not abide by the building rules of the rest of the game while at the same time allowing for traversal of the player, but it would probably save a lot on production costs for AI, and also be able to make the bosses act in completely different and interesting ways.

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