Suggestions on Utility after marriage and longevity in the game.

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    First -
    No collisions with characters or animals. Create a system where you arrive at the animal and you have the option of "pushing" or "shooing" it to another corner. several times this complicates when feeding animals because they are close to the places where they put hay.

    Creation of a machine that automatically feeds the animals, could be sold for 20K Gold, and would feed the place where the machine was with hay.

    It is possible, after the wedding (exclusively with Maru), that she develops a technology project for the farm, something exclusive to this "wedding". The development could be a Robo that performs the harvest in a certain area after 2 years of marriage. (the machine she works on and doesn’t know what it’s for) would be ready at this time. Of course, you could see the robot "forming" over the years. Place at random and with a low%, that Marilda (robot created by Maru) could visit in one night, as the character herself says that she has thought several times to see her in space.

    Put a new system or creation with wood, learned exclusively from the marriage with Leah, where she teaches you carpentry and you with wood and a Carpenter's table you can create ornaments or even sell in your box

    The creation of a system where the player can hire a "helper" on the farm, for X days costing X Gold per day. It is very overwhelming to have to perform the same tasks every day, sometimes the player gets tired making him stay alone in that every day.

    The creation of an expansion where in addition to a market Joja will open a Fabrica da Joja where they will be able to sell Harvesting / Planting Machines. Making life easier and expanding the player's harvest even more, however, you can only buy if you are "affiliated with Joja". Or rather, machines that help, can be 4x4 square the size of the harvest / planting.

    removing collisions from grapes or other crops is very bad.

    Create an improvement for the stable, so you can "edit your horse" in the color you want and even buy a "faster" one.
    Add new crops, please. New fish / more exciting random events like UFOs, eggs from new animals.

    That's it, thanks. I'm Brazilian so I used the google translator! Buy!

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