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Bug/Issue Switch: Game misgendered my character, triggered!

Discussion in 'Support' started by LittleSparrow, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. LittleSparrow

    LittleSparrow Space Hobo

    In a save file that I started, I made a female character. It is recognised as male.

    Here's the conditions of the creation of the save file.

    - I created it in co-op and skipped intro.
    - Shortly before the creation I made various male non-edited characters to check out the layouts of all the farms in single player.

    I noticed it when I tried to enter the spa.
    I am referred to as male by NPCs.

    I'm requesting a possible fix for this, or maybe an option to change gender altogether as a temporary fix with the mirror of the wizard?

    I googled around a bit and all the fixes I've found so far is either something I don't really want to do (Homebrew), or something that only applies to the PC version of the game.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this post, may it be possible fixes for me and if this is actually a known issue. I would also like to know if the devs intend on fixing it at one point or another.

    Thank you in advance for responding/reading!

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