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RELEASED Tech Control Swap 1.3

Dash with F not double tap.

  1. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    I appreciate the offer but I'm probably not going to do anything else with this mod beyond maintaining it, it was only ever meant to be a quick hack to fix something that bothered me. :V
  2. Psieonic

    Psieonic Void-Bound Voyager

    Sounds good. Would you mind terribly if I released a re-written mod that uses some of your concepts/code then? I'd be happy to credit you.
  3. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    I wouldn't mind at all mate. :)
  4. FreshDude

    FreshDude Orbital Explorer

    So I don't know if I did something wrong but when I installed this the sphere worked fine but i cant dash at all. Ideas on what might be causing it?
  5. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    Check you haven't rebound the keys it's trying to use and if that's not it, have a look for any errors in your log file.

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