Boss 'Tentacle' boss?

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  1. TheApothecanary

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    Part one (old idea) skip this to see the new idea

    Part 2: Non-cthulhu boss linked to dark altars:

    It doesn't end here though!

    I have more to say

    A non-cthulhu boss that is linked to the cultists:

    So some may say, Cthulhu is too obvious and overused, well yes, i agree..

    Maybe someone else? But still just as interesting, so it makes sense that these cultists worship him?

    Maybe a special dungeon?

    Those alters that say they are not from kleux that you can interact with on these cultists planets must do something right?

    Some ideas that have popped up in the thread:

    Part 3: The tentacle Boss
    Tentacle boss should somehow be linked to the appearance of tentacle planets
    Lore should surround this
    [Will add more]

    Discuss! ;)
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  2. Lordfiscus

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    *calms down*
    Not every game can execute the addition of Cthulu or something just as horrific in a way that's presentable, and the only way to execute your idea well would be with euthanasia. Think of something original, something that wouldn't come flying right the fuck out of nowhere in the context of Starbound.

    Also you are maintaining an utter disregard for the quoted post. Remember, it states that Sci-Fi involves imagining new things. Cthulu is nowhere near original, and warrants wanton cruelty to the horse's long-dead corpse.
  3. TheApothecanary

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    I'm not saying it should be horrific, I am simply saying all those cultists should worship something, and cthulhu works.

    How does it not fit the game good sir, i proved why it does shall I reexplain it to you?

    *Beating a dead horse* would be bringing up a topic that everybody hates, and that has been explained many a time with proper reasoning, this hasn't.

    It fits perfectly into starbound, how far have you gotten into the game, have you encountered the cultists?
    Is starbound not sci-fi?
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  4. Lordfiscus

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    Do you seriously think they're praising Cthulu? I doubt it, from the gravestones scattered everywhere. Perhaps they're necromancers?

    As for why it wouldn't fit in the game, Ct'hu'l'u S' f'htag'n, among other cosmic horror monsters, is a little too dry and overdone in fiction, even if Starbound could accommodate the abomination. Plus, we already have a great big tentacle monster that fucked up the earth, and it looks nothing like 'M'r'. C't'h'u'l''u''''''.
  5. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    those aren't gravestones.. they are evil alters (the large black ones at least)

    aww, let me clear myself up a bit more:

    I beleive necromancers being all wizerdy and stuff, flies in the face of starbound even more.
    But we all see what we want now don't we.

    Like i said something just as complex/evil would work as-well. (it shouldn't make you go insane just by looking at it though, because there is no sanity mechanic in this game.)

    It should be a boss however.
    (not just the tentacle planets, though those are awesome)
    Maybe a tentacle thing boss?
    I smply want a boss that the cultists worship that you can enable by possibly interacting with all the alters on the planet (you can interact with them right now with 'E', but they simply make a noise and disapear)

    any ideas.. or should i reformat the OP?
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  6. Monochromegoggles

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    Err, ok, this may be irrelevant to the concept, but you took what you has posted to another thread that was the same idea, and pasted it word for word in a new one..... Is that entirely necessary?

    Also, I can see you have an interesting theory going there, but it's just that, a theory. We don't know what the devs have in mind for the true identity for Big-Ape, but we know Kluex is a normal avian that ascended to godhood, so there goes the idea that they might be one and the same. (read into the offical codex entries, you might learn something new)

    I have seen suggestions of a tentacle monster though, so why not build off that? We don't need MR. Cthulu himself, give us something we might legitimately be terrified of for other reasons. THAT would make it a good boss, basing it off a creature people are familiar with and have seen re-used in modern fantasy and sci-fy wouldn't.
  7. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    I reworded somewhat and added on to it, figured giving it it's own post was a good idea. So people could see it more.

    Like I stated earlier, the alters on the cultists planets make a noise and disappear when you interact with them? Maybe we can work off that..
    activating all of them causes something to happen, possibly a tentacle boss of some sort that threatens to take over the planet.
    What do you think?
  8. Lordfiscus

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    Much better.
  9. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    Thank you
    Shall i start a new thread for it?
    Seems like an all around better idea.
  10. Monochromegoggles

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    It would've been better if you had started anew and elaborated more without using such a stretched writing formatt. But that's besides the point.
    NO! Edit this one! Don't make yet another new thread, just change the title to include an update tag or something! Making another thread would be more spammy than what you did with pasting text from a different thread here!

    Also, what cultist? The only cultists I know of are avians who are Kluex worshippers, and as I stated before, Kluex is avian also.
    You could effectivly create a sub-sciency religion from a different race to do so, But I'd much rather see a distancing from cults or religion as that draws more into the realm f fantasy and not so much sci-fy, even if you justify the altars as just being homing beacons or supersonic radar pulses.
  11. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    You haven't found them yet?

    Well on some planets you can find large amounts of cultists and dark altars and large amounts of cultists wandering the land, and can see worship services (lots of cultists surrounding a dark altar) and the cultists are automatically hostile and the avian when you examine it specifically says that it is not an altar of kluex,and the planets themselves are rather rare, but i have encountered them once.
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  12. Monochromegoggles

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    Ok then, I have not seen any of these rumored altars you speak of (your descriptions of them are rather vague/ambiguous and could possibly be linked to a number of structures found in game where cultists reside), and I have been playing since beta launch (also making it all the way to sector x and completing the armor tiers while exploring, so I've been to quite a few places and planets) so I'll have to ask for some proof, via screen capture or something.

    But even if these are non-Kluex worshipping cultists, we don't have much evidence that what they're doing is far enough from the supernatural to be considered sci-fy. All the cultists I've seen have rather bland hovels and really no tech outside their weapons.

    I still strongly suggest you stray from the idea of using the in-game cultists. You might go with some lore from a dead-religion/culture however, and elaborate on it saying while the inhabitants were too primitive to grasp the notion their god was nor really the ethereal being they believed it was, there is obvious evidence the player has access to that proves the tentacle-boss in question is just highly-advanced.
  13. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    Ok then, I have sort of completely looted the plantet but ehre is a link to a wiki entry

    It used to be called the "dark altar" must have had the name changed.

    I'll get you some screenshots asap of one cultist allbeit looted planet I encountererd.( i looted it, if that wasnt obvious :p) and the alter disapeears when you interact with it.

    Lots of things in this game, it is entirely possible you havent encountered it.
  14. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    Oh, I have seen those. Well, they do do something, as you already know.

    Personally, I think it would be a bad idea to have them summon a boss, as any new player (likely on a low-tier world) interacting with it would have a very swift and upsetting death as a result. Even if you were to restrict altar-spawning to higher tier zones to prevent this, it would deviate a bit too much from the dev's structured means of being able to access boss battles when the player has progresses sufficiently enough not to get mauled in an instant.

    Also, a key point I feel this thread is lacking is a sizeable enough incentive to want to kill this boss other than getting access to a new sector or being able to craft new gear? What makes this boss concept more interesting than the rest other than it's possible appearance and lore (a limited, somewhat cliche' lore for that matter).
  15. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    I believe you should have to interact with multiples of them.
    They do seem to spawn in groups.

    Half of this world has been overtaken by a tentacle biome oddly enough... oh yea and the background, in the right places, is all giant brains.
    and brain trees as-well.



    hereis a few screenshots of my old char so you can see.

    I believe there should be lore surrounding these cultists .. the tentacle planet should have something to do with it. Perhaps a whole backstory as to how these tentacle planets come about, as there is nothing about it anywhere in the game despite one human codex entry that barely explains them. (actually it only mentions them), these cultists should be the way of finding out about how this works.

    Also the boss battle would be fun (and challenging)
    The game should warn you when you activate the first altar (you should activate several altars on the planets surface and possibly complete a dungeon to summon the boss.

    Not sure of the reward you get though.

    (I'll have to come up with more ideas actually, you have any?)
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  16. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    Even if it was necessary for you to interact with more than one, any new player will do that if they know there will be no consequences (quite the contrary, they get healed!). So imagine if only 2 or 3 of said alters generate on the planet. If the planet is small, the new players will find them in no time, and that means a group of dead newbies that much sooner.

    Honestly, do you still think we need to re-affirm that the concept is a direct-rip from a Lovecraftian idea? Yes, it's tempting, but I still think you have plenty of room to work with this idea while still incorporating what we have provided for us in Starbound. People are already running about with similar observations if the similarities between the tentacle biomes and cthulu.

    Take this concept and make it your own, don't overshadow your ideas by hitchiking on someone else's story, especially if they're already famous. Do you really want to be known only as "That idea suggester who made a Starcraft Cthulu entry?", or do you want to be known as "Someone who wrote an interesting backstory and function for a boss idea that really compliments what Starbound is going for?".
  17. TheApothecanary

    TheApothecanary Starship Captain

    No it shouldnt be a direct rip.
    I believe we can go about this in a unique way.

    Obviously the second one, but that will take time which is why there should be a good flow of ideas.

    I said, no Cthulhu, we have the tentacle boss, but he somehow needs to be summoned, and i would love to have a back story and cool method of summoning him (such as with the altars) I will go ahead and brainstorm a bit with friends.

    Obviously something huge should be done to summon him.

    And the backstory should help reveal what happened to the humans. (how did that tentacle monster get there?)

    This is a good starter point.

    You have an idea of another way to summon him?

    I believe this can happen, if we all work together.

    I'm out of ideas for now, i'll be back later with more.
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  18. Monochromegoggles

    Monochromegoggles Phantasmal Quasar

    How about something like this for a backstory & potential gameplay/reward system?:

    Name(s): That which must not be named, Ur of the tentacled ones, Nautlgros (this name here being the one that is used by those who are less superstitious of 'invoking its presence by speaking its name', or those who are part of a neo-resurrection of the primitive religion )

    History: The descendant of one of the oldest space faring races, this boss is essentially the big-kahuna of all the tentacle monsters out there (including the one that ate earth). Primitive races that witnessed the destructive power of this being painted it as a terrifying god. Some feared it as a demon-lord of sorts, some painted it as a benevolent avenger who destroyed their enemies (for those who were oppressed or fighting with a race from another planet), while others simply coveted it's destructive power. These races tore each other apart in conflict of whether the being should be feared or revered, leaving behind only crude paintings and limited records of what the being looked like. But one thing was for certain, it WAS out there still, and we now have possession of a potential means of making it come to us, whether it be for good or for evil that we summon the beast.

    A way one might summon it would to be openly mocking it through a galactic-broadcast. Imagine the player taking some of those tentacles you can buy from a food seller and some flesh strands, and effectively making a crude effigy of it, pinning it to a satellite system out in the open (preferably as high up as you can put it, the clearer view you have of the sky, the faster it is likely to come) where the boss could find it after hearing the call.

    Enraged, it would descend slowly, first sending out different waves of enemies. The enemies would start out weak at first, and few in number. All of the minions sent out would bear the resemblance of a tentacle thematic of some sort. After you kill the final wave, the boss decides it's had enough being made fun of, and lands on your planet. There would be nowhere to hide as it would tear up the ground beneath you with its arms in an attempt to corner or expose you. You would need strategy, plenty of platforms to scale or some other form of an 'arena' where you would have room to dodge. Not even your home structures would be spared from potential collateral (which means you better spawn the boss well away from your valuables or NPCs).

    How the fight would go sequentally:

    Sky goes completely dark, the stars are obscured by a massive shadow that stretches as far as the player can see. (the 'face' of the boss would stick to hanging near one player as they move around, switching to another player only if the one it had been 'glaring' at dies. Those who are not in range of the boss' face would see a cluster of tiled tentacle graphics obscuring the sky instead.)

    As the player defeats more of the boss' waves of enemies, more eyes would open up on it's face graphic. Once all the eyes opened, the head would 'detatch' from the background and move to the foreground where theplayer is at. This time it would have limbs that it could lash out at the player with. It would occasionally spew out grunts to do its dirty work while it prepared for a massive attack that would take a bit of 'charge time'.

    Charged attacks would include:
    A full-on ground sweep where tentacles would erupt from the ground where the player is at in an attempt to trap and crush/skewer the player to death. Best way to avoid it would be to use a gravity bubble, series of platforms, or hope the glide effect of avian armor would keep your airborne long enough for the attack to end.

    Arial assault attack that would rain down either a fire or poison type status effect. One would have to use something like an energy dash, butterfly boost etc, or some overhead platforms to shield from some of the damage. Player beware, the attack can break through any block, so standing under a one or two block thick roof is not a good idea, lest you want to become a sitting duck three to four seconds in to the attack.

    Concentrated sweeping beam attack. This attack, although a little easier to avoid than the other two, would be the boss' bread and butter for nearly one-hit ko killing anyone who comes in contact with it. Nevermind you have the highest tier armor, because attack is the boss's can-opener and you don't want to try enduring it.

    As the player does more damage to the boss, it's eyes would start getting damaged. Once all it's eyes have sequentially been popped or gouged/stabbed out, it goes into a full-on berserk mode. While it may be on the last leg of its life, this is when the real fight begins. The final phase would essentially have 1/4th of it's overall hp. Its attack patterns wouldn't be as easily predicted as before, and it wouldn't waste its time dispatching high-level minions before unleashing it's ultimate attacks.


    Beating this boss would give you the following options:

    New tech, such as advanced terraforming and/or the ability to gradually collect resources from planets without needing to be on the surface (IE a planet-cracker drill or a sub-ether magnet to vacuum up ores as you see fit).

    The ability to wipe out life(mobs and NPCS) on planets while still leaving the biomes intact.

    Armor that would give you a sort of electro-sensory for seeing mobs without the need of light. (this would only allow you to see that there is a mob there while it is pitch black outside or you are in an unlit cave. It wouldn't show you what size/shape the mob is, but you would be alerted to it) As well as a sort of blood-sucking ability where if you damage a mob, you get a small margin of hp from it. (think of it as being a suit with a highly-advanced nano-machine system that could metabolize organic material/vital fluid from the monsters you're killing, and using the genetic materia to patch you up.)

    The fear and respect of every damn creature you come accross. Imagine crafting an item from the remains of your enemy that sent out a psionic radio wave that would trigger the fear reaction in the brain of any thing you met.

    (I'm sure there's a whole lot more I could add, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head.)

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