The Binaryzers

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  1. Zoraculus

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    The Binaryzers
    Bynarizers were a catastrophic nano-technology experiment. Created to help humans, they ended up rebelling, infecting other humans and acquiring their humanoid form, and, as time passed, they evolved somekind of supreme coding language that can interfere with real world, "Binary+"​
    With Binary+, they are able to disintegrate things, invade machines, cause havoc and cause doom.​


    Binary Shot - A weak energy shot, won't travel much long.

    Binary Cannon - A strong energy shot that destroys things in large scale.

    Invade - Ability to invade into systems and machines.

    Binary Takeover - Infects a nearby crewmate or nearby animal, and controls it.

    Binaryzers will live everywhere technology is available. This can include your Space Station.​
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  2. Яetrospekt

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    Epic, this is superb!
  3. Mianso

    Mianso Black Hole Surfer

    Well,i like the invade ability.
  4. Eqlles

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    If implemented, I feel they would have to function rather like a goblin invasion in Terraria. They seem... dangerous.
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  5. GameGecko

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    really good suggestion, and nice sprites!
    Looks a bit overpowered, sadly.
  6. Zoraculus

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    Luckily, they would be rare to appear, so, it would cause less problems.
  7. Eqlles

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    I figured as such.
  8. Red Space Monkey

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    Cool idea, could be some cruel mixture of Matrix and Tron. The binary stuff from Matrix and these shimmering light patterns on the armor from Tron. There is still much potential for more mobs/weapons of this kind.

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