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    The Handshroom, is a player sized hand with a mushroom growing atop it. The hand is the only reminder of some long dead race of giants, but the mushroom controls and weaponizes the hand to find food and shelter.

    Loot: 100% 1-7 mushrooms (That heal a small amount of HP)
    100% medium amount of currency
    50% 1-3 Bigshrooms (Heal a larger amount of HP)
    10% 1 Giant's finger (When consumed, heals the same as a bigshroom, but increases attack as well)

    Environment: Usually found on planets with lighter gravity and less than average amounts of water, planet MUST have carbon dioxide/animals.

    Spawn rate/conditions: Somewhat rare. Because the Handshroom is not a social hunter only one can spawn within 100 blocks, it must also have nighttime light levels

    High low 0 low (Sorry I don't know what the number amounts should be.)

    Movement: walks on all five fingers(Same speed as unaided player), can use mana to hover a few blocks above the ground(20%slower than unaided player) (Hover mostly used for getting over cliffs/pits).

    Attacks/damage: Ranged attack: Only used at a range, spore attack:A poison spore is fired from the mushroom every 3 seconds, deals light damage to the player, no knockback, 10%chance to cause the poison effect(Poison: Very low damage for 10 seconds+no health regen)
    Close range: Tackle: The handshroom tackles into the player causing medium damage and a very large knockback. Smack: If the Handshroom has enough mana to hover, it can use the attack Slap, causing heavy damage and a medium knockback.

    Really badly drawn picture:[​IMG]
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    Oh, Also, when it is either not moving or daytime, the Handshroom burrows underground, leaving only the mushroom bit exposed.

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