The Jock Rock

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  1. Motie

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    The Bro from another Flow
    The Granite from another Planet

    This stray ASTEBROID went a little over the edge in his regular wrestling matches with his HEAVYMASS CHAMPION buddies.
    On entering the atmosphere, he has lost most of his mass to atmosphere entry (varying on the planet/moon's atmosphere).

    On being attacked the first time, he begins flying aimlessly around yelling OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD
    On being attacked any time past that, he tackles the player, meanwhile still continuing his mental breakdown in the air

    By the looks of it, he's probably the one who sits on the bench during his games the most.

    If you ignore him too long after freaking him out (and dont get killed by his bad flying), he escapes back to space, because that's what grounded asteroids do.
  2. GigaNova

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    Wohaha, sounds very funny and looks like that too!
    This is one of the most original ideas ive ever seen :p

    I dont understand the second image tough, too much happening.
    Maybe add some more details.

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