Mob The mobs should have a life too!

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    Hello! Flake13 here with my first suggestion!

    I've been tired of the mobs, watching them go their daily lives are not fun... There is literally no life for the mobs, all they do are just stand there all there and walk around randomly. Thus, I'd like to share some ideas that could fix this! (or not)

    The first idea is that the mobs will be either carnivore, omnivore or herbivore. I explain how each groups react to the world!

    HERBIVORES - Herbivores will find grass, crops, and other plants. Herbivores usually stay in groups and move together. They will be aware of the carnivores or omnivores in the area and when they come out these herbivores will usually run away from the carnivores (But if cornered they will stay in group and try to retaliate).

    CARNIVORES - Carnivores don't hunt for other creatures too often (because if they did, it would cause the other species to go extinct.) and usually breed in little quantities. The way a carnivore hunts down its' prey depends on their abilities, for an example the Orbide would wait in silence and when a victim nears it, it will catch it down to it's death. Carnivores will usually hunt alone, however some exceptional carnivores will hunt in groups!

    OMNIVORES - Omnivores are basically the combination of both the herbivores and the carnivores. However what they mostly prefer to eat are random. Omnivores usually hunt alone (I'm imagining a bear), however omnivores hunting in groups are not rare either. Omnivores also breed in little quantities, like the carnivores however some omnivore species do breed in large quantities and go in groups.

    Now, whenever you go on a planet it's finally possible to see a derpy monster get eaten by a giant four-legged monster with no eyes and a giant mouth!

    Oh and what determines a creature is either herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore? Of course it's randomly generated parts of them! The randomly generated parts can be used for many things! For an example they can give the monsters personalities (hey NPCs have them so why not monsters too?) and it controls how they would react in certain situations.

    For an example a herbivore that is brave will retaliate instantly to a carnivore mob that attacks them, a cowardy carnivore will instead scatter off when a herbivore attacks them. Not all monsters are brave and fearless! There are some that when you shoot at them, will run off somewhere far far away!

    The animals should also breed, either naturally or man-made(ly?)! Then we can see baby mobs of random species! The babies are usually a target for the other carnivores and omnivores. Usually the parents of the mob would protect their babies and are hostile towards any other animals or organic beings (or non-organic beings) that nears their baby. However, not all species are a loving mother. Some parents will leave their babies alone and wander off aimlessly.

    I hope this idea gets accepted! If I did do something wrong please correct me as I'm still new at this stuff! I just thought that this will kindof bring the game to life! :DD Thanks for reading!
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    yes, this would be more biologically sound, and you can scavenge the remnants from carnivore/omnivore hunts, and possibly, you could be a little in game biologist (I love biology:rainbowbarf:)
    I fully support the idea:nod:
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    I think it may be performancewise too much for the game to have so many things going on. But some "emotes" as in grazing and jumping around or sniffing on the ground would be a good thing to reduce their soullessness <- is that even a word?.

    fishes seem to be nice some follow you, maybe because they are attracted by the light my halogeen backpack emits?
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