The Player should be able to run for Mayor.

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Should the Player run for Mayor?

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  2. No

  1. AliCat

    AliCat Poptop Tamer

    I think it would be fun if the player could run for Mayor since its the player that fixes everything in the town by themselves.

    The Bus, the Community Center and filling up the Museum is all thanks to the player.

    Every one is seemingly trapped in the town because the bus is not working and the taxes are used to pay for the museum which has been robbed and Lewis has done nothing to fix it. The Community Center is forgotten and dilapidated probably because there is not enough people and money to run it.

    The only income the town gets is from The Stardew Valley Fair and you the Player who is generating money by exporting their crops.

    There are no pavements either and not many lights in the streets which I've found can be fixed by the Player placing ones they have crafted in the town themselves.

    It could be done like the Heart events except now the player is trying to win the hearts of the town.

    Voting posters could pop up in the town and a little event could happen to help get the town to vote for you. If you are successful in your choices during the events then it adds points towards the town's heart meter, if you are not it goes towards Lewis.

    Of course there will be a few Villagers who will be biased and may vote for Lewis because of relations with them but then the player has to work extra hard to win their favour during the heart events.

    Maybe the player can put up the posters themselves and even get help from their spouse or villagers they have made friends with.

    If they have a good relationship with Haley, they could get her to take photos for the campaign.
    If Elliott, what it says on the posters, maybe even speeches ect.

    Then if the Player wins they can decide how to improve the town and what to turn the JoJa building into if they have fixed the Community Center. They have a count of the towns income and outgoings and can edit the town, like adding lights and fixtures to the town. Which will also count towards them voting for you in the next run.

    I think the Run should be every two years perhaps? This gives the players time to run the farm and keep an eye on the town.

    This should only happen during the 3rd year and the player can decide if they want to run for mayor or not or maybe even elect another villager to become mayor and help that villager get votes.

    What do you think?
    • Dzelda

      Dzelda Parsec Taste Tester

      .. What would happen to Lewis though? Hes been mayor for so long, wouldnt it be kind of cold to remove the only source of solace he gets from the job?

      That would kind of be cruel to deprive the old man of his job... Would almost kind of feel like something Joja would do.
      • Honor Shipping

        Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

        Along with what @Dzelda said above, I also feel like that is expanding a bit too much. Remember, the setting is some small town situated away from all the industrialization and modernization that you're trying to avoid. And that basically shifts the point of the game from running a farm to managing a town. Maybe in the future this could happen, but I don't think this needs to be an aspect of the game just yet, especially since multiplayer is still getting the kinks worked out for what's already in the game. Something big like this would take an extremely long time to get into the game, from bother a developing standpoint and a "time and place" standpoint.
        • AliCat

          AliCat Poptop Tamer

          I disagree. Lewis could finally get together with Marnie with out feeling like it would "undermine his authority". There could even be a wedding for them and show that he's happy being retired. He's been mayor for 20 years and after all this time he's stopping him self from being happy because of it. There could even be a statue in his honor for his dedication and efforts to the town as a wedding present from all the towns folk.

          It could be really sweet.

          Editing the town dosen't have to mean industrialization and modernization. Just being able to putting in more lamps, changing the look of the pavents, cleaning up Pennys and Pams yard. Perhaps having a farmers market in the square now and again and not just the Stardew Valley Fair once a year adding more of an ecomanity to the town.

          There is already a poll for what the JoJa building should be changed into and as mayor the player could decided.

          I'm hoping for either:
          • Youth Center with a Skateboard Park and a place to play music if they like Sam, Abigail and Sebastian and Alex.
          • School if they like Penny, Maru and Emily, Harvey and Shane. It could have children from the next town to come to as well.
          • Bed and Breakfast for tourist to relax, bring more money in to the town and to enjoy Leah's art and Elliott's readings and Haley's photography.
          • Fitness center for everyone to go to. Especially since Caroline, Jodi, Emily and Robin and Marnie all go to Pierre's General Store to exercise.

          This can all be done once theres little left to do on the farm and as I said it would be up to the player to chose if they want to run for Mayor or not.

          I realise it would be a lot for ConcernedApe and it may change the game but it was really just a thought.
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