The Protectorate

Discussion in 'Side Quests' started by Goobers, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Goobers

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    So after playing 100+ hours of star bound and beating the game i was wondering if maybe for like 1.4 you could add a post game story in which you gather the last remaining members of the protectorate and try to rebuild earth or somthing. look i really like the protectorate so adding anything evolving them would be so cool! plus it would be cool if you added more recked protectorate weapons like a protectorate rifle or pistol that you could repair.

    also if you could defend your space stations from marauders that would be awesome!
    i'm not expecting to be noticed but i'm really hoping:nuruhappy:

    sorry for writing so much but do you think you could try to add more optimization options cause my computer sucks and sometimes starbound is just really laggy.
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  2. Goobers

    Goobers Tentacle Wrangler

    shoot ill never be seen :nuruneutral:
  3. VoidGuy

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    I See you.
  4. Roskii Heiral

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    This is a good idea, though I disapprove of the double post

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