The (Start of the) Gorian/Brazen Conflict

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    Just something I thought I'd do real quick before heading to work. Gorians and Brazen are two of my custom races.
    Long ago (but not so very long ago. The world was different, oh yes it was), a tribe of insane humans went to attack a fortified Glitch settlement led by the first Gorian general then named Cupfery. It was a brutal massacre as screams of terror both vocal and static rang through the air; however, Cupfery and those under him suffered from the might of the guards. Retreating, he swore revenge on the "armored tin cans" promising them a gruesome demise should he return.

    As he ran back to his camp to recuperate, he stumbled across what appeared to be a shrine decorated in bronze statues. It was here a sinister idea came to him: if he could reanimate the statues, they could wipe out the settlement acting as golems; a brilliant idea. Grabbing a nearby animal, Cupfery held the animal down towards the shrine and struck it down with his knife as he sited a mythical verse from a tome he once read. There, the statues were given life as they removed themselves from the pillars where they stood; the bearded one named Odysseus confronting the general which rose them.

    "You are to do my bidding," Cupfery told the bearded bronze statue. "There is a town not too far from here that I want you to wipe clean; rip their electric entrails from their robotic bodies and make them suffer for what they have done to my people!"

    Without a word, the statues proceeded towards the Glitch settlement. Arrows rained from the sky, blades were swung, but it appeared the settlement guards and Glitch brave enough to wield a weapon in retaliation were outmatched by the ancient metal statues; however, as the settlement was almost cleared of resistance, Oddysseus stopped and looked up, as if someone was talking to him. Afterward, the statue silently ordered the others to fall back to the shrine, to which they complied.

    Upon returning, near drenched in the oil of Glitch, Cupfery laughed a victorious laugh as he looked upon them.

    "Victory! All was not for nothing!"

    Yet they walked closer.

    "You have done your job, statues. Now you may return to your sleep, should you wish."

    Yet they walked closer.

    "Uh... hello?"

    Before long, the bearded statue looked down upon him and spoke, sending him into a state of horror.

    "The gods frown upon your malicious actions."

    Before he was even able to ask how it can talk, he was overrun by the very statues he brought life to before dying by their hands.

    This was the start of the Gorian/Brazen conflict. To this day, not a Gorian or Brazen dare to look each other in the eyes before deadly combat ensues. While the Gorians describe the Brazen as "snobs that took what they had for granted" and the vice versa a "heartless, cowardly swine of a human", the core tale stays relatively the same.
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    They either Gorian you or you Brazen them huh...Sometimes we Brazen and sometimes we Gorian but personally...I prefer to Gorian than Brazen 'coz Brazen is actuall- em out...

    These two sounds like factions rather than race to me, maybe 'coz of the culture and similar race...?
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    Yeah, I can see what you mean: both look human and share human names and what-not. I tried to keep their culture near distinct, aside from the obvious "Brazen are living metal statues" and "Gorians like gore".

    I might have to go deeper with the lore of Gorians and Brazen when I get to work on their respective race mods.
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    Ohh maybe ye can go make a flesh-type-zombie-ish race for Gorians > w> (but not the brainless zombie-ish uhh ya know what I mean)

    Sooo what're the traits/things unique to them that others don't have?
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    The Gorian reminds me of the people living in Liven (I think) in Salt and Sanctuary
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