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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by jaymee_murder, Aug 26, 2016.

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    Hey, im kind of in the midst of creating my own race, but im confused/anxious about colour values in the game, i haven't got to the point where im making JSON files for the race yet, because im making the pngs first, but im preparing by trying to get a good understanding of values in the .species files for instance. Here is an example of colour values from the .species file for the apex:

    "bodyColor" : [
    { "e0975c" : "BE471B", "a85636" : "8f2a0b", "6f2919" : "63230f" },
    { "e0975c" : "aa97f1", "a85636" : "7e62d0", "6f2919" : "5e499c" },
    { "e0975c" : "b769e0", "a85636" : "8c3ea8", "6f2919" : "722a82" },
    { "e0975c" : "f0b5fa", "a85636" : "d67ce6", "6f2919" : "ac5fb8" },
    { "e0975c" : "61BCDE", "a85636" : "5381CC", "6f2919" : "2C489E" },
    { "e0975c" : "7e5938", "a85636" : "5d3e25", "6f2919" : "422a18" },
    "undyColor" : [
    { "f7e7b2" : "ffe2c5", "d9c189" : "ffc181", "a38d59" : "d39c6c", "735e3a" : "c7815b" },
    { "f7e7b2" : "f0d6b9", "d9c189" : "e5b078", "a38d59" : "bb8c5e", "735e3a" : "a66c46" },
    { "f7e7b2" : "ecfeff", "d9c189" : "c1e4eb", "a38d59" : "829fc6", "735e3a" : "5c6d86" },
    { "f7e7b2" : "c8cee0", "d9c189" : "a3a7b2", "a38d59" : "7c8094", "735e3a" : "5f5f73" },
    { "f7e7b2" : "d6cecb", "d9c189" : "b6b0ae", "a38d59" : "978d88", "735e3a" : "787069" },
    "hairColor" : [ "" ]

    So basically my questions concerning these areas are:
    Is there a limitation on the colours i can use for my race, items etc or can i use any colour i want?
    What is the purpose of each line of values and what order are they in?
    What is the section "undycolor" for?
    Why is there no colours in the "hairColour" section?
    Do i have to worry about 16,32,64 bit colour values and how do i know which im using? (probs a noob question lol)

    Any other information would be helpful as well, as iv'e undoubtedly forgotten something lol
    The programs im using are a cross between Pyxel Edit and Gimp and i have access to photoshop
    Thanks to any of you who help me with this :)
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    1.-As far as i know, there aren't limitation on colors, you can use what colors you want, Colorbound mod for example use tons of colors.
    2.-The order is irrelevant here, but they are ordered from bright colors to darker colors.
    "undyColor" : 
             // they work like this: { "Color to be replaced": "Color that going to replace", ...,   "Color to be replaced": "Color that going to replace"  }
            // this values are in hexadecimal, "Color to be replaced" is the base color of those pixels in your .png,
            { "f7e7b2" : "ffe2c5",     "d9c189" : "ffc181",    "a38d59" : "d39c6c",  "735e3a" : "c7815b" },
            { "f7e7b2" : "f0d6b9",   "d9c189" : "e5b078", "a38d59" : "bb8c5e",  "735e3a" : "a66c46" },
            { "f7e7b2" : "ecfeff",      "d9c189" : "c1e4eb",  "a38d59" : "829fc6",   "735e3a" : "5c6d86" },
            { "f7e7b2" : "c8cee0",  "d9c189" : "a3a7b2",  "a38d59" : "7c8094", "735e3a" : "5f5f73" },
            { "f7e7b2" : "d6cecb",  "d9c189" : "b6b0ae",  "a38d59" : "978d88", "735e3a" : "787069" }
    3.-Human use undycolor to change the underwear color, glitch use it to change the color of their lights like the eyes and others.
    4.-Apex i think that use the bodycolor as hair color.
    5.-No, you can use whatever you want, depends on you if you want to keep close as you can to the style of starbound or not, starbound use the whole RGB palette a think.
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    Ahh thanks for the reply man, should really help :D

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