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RELEASED Unlimited Pets & tools to handle them! 1.0.5

Have as many pets out as you want + new items to manage them.

  1. glider521al

    glider521al Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    glider521al submitted a new mod:

    Unlimited Pets & tools to handle them! - Have as many pets out as you want + new items to manage them.

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  2. NightmareDL

    NightmareDL Astral Cartographer

    Nice mod , the aditions are good , any chance there will be tweaks to the pet movement? Or more tweaks? For example , ground pets are useless , can't follow the player properly , flying pets feel far better on that aspect (since they don't need to jump and are faster)
    Maybe off topic , pet tether poptop is very annoying the range is garbage and resets the song , a mod for the range or something would be nice
    Does pet warp triggers pet skill? A pod that makes pets use the abilities might be nice
  3. glider521al

    glider521al Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hi NightmareDL.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    There are unlikely to be further changes to the pet movement, besides the warp pod. While it would be awesome to have them move faster,
    that would likely require changing each pet.lua individually, and risks compatibility issues with other mods.

    Pro tip: Captured bounty mission pets, are the strongest you can get in Vanilla (except the one that explodes)

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