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    I personally would love to see things change based on the actions we complete and or have our actions and past experiences within the game itself affect our character. For example, say there is an achievement for planting x crops or selling x items. After completing said achievement or task/quest we would recieve a bonus to the region affected by the said activity. For my example of selling x items maybe a small boost to item sell values would be unlocked for your loyal patronage to the town.
    • Echo

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      Sorry did not mean to click the anonymity check box, but this works as well...
      • Ghostar

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        Hats, hats as far as the eye can see for unlockables.
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        • Echo

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          Was thinking more like upgrades for the character but aesthetics would be nice as well =) even unlocking more styles for the house through achievements or tasks(and player as well(hats/clothing)!
          • oath2order

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            I THINK, though I'm not certain, that there are achievements.
            • ConcernedApe

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              I'd like to have plenty of fun unlockables... I love them too. There's already some in the game, but I will add more.
              • Hollow

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                I'd like achievements that work something like this:

                Save up 10,000 gold: Unlocks a piggybank. Whether this is for aesthetics for your house or you can store money in it, whatever.
                Save up to 100,000 gold: Unlocks a golden piggybank. Improved version of above.
                Save up to 1,000,000 gold: Unlocks a sparkling diamond piggyback. Improved version of above.
                Make 5,000 gold off of selling plants: Adds a permanent +5% selling price to plants you sell.
                Catch a 15 pound fish: Adds a permanent skillpoint to your Fishing skill.
                Slay 100 monsters: Permanent +3 to your damage.
                Obtain every available drop from slimes: +5% to item drop rates for all monsters.
                Win first place in the Cooking Contest Festival: All food restores +10% more energy.
                • Echo

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                  See hollow's post for what I had originally meant for this thread
                  • MrMRA

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                    Unlock magic fairies. I dig magic fairies. Particularly when you can marry them.
                    . . .
                    Maybe it's time to rewatch that Peter Pan movie with Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.

                    • oath2order

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                      I love Hollow's ideas there. Quite a few good ideas. Just as long as the piggy banks you suggested STAY cosmetic >.>

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