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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Okay, I've attempted Fall 1 for the sixth time now to no avail. My game is still unable to save. At this point, I would pay someone take a look at this log, since I've already abandoned a past save file due to this issue, and if I can't understand which mod(s) is/are causing it, then the only way I can realistically play this game and expect to progress past Fall Year 1 is modless. There are three blocks of red text at the bottom of the log, but I don't understand what they're telling me: One is a failure of Pytk to do something, but if that's the issue then I'm sunk because I'm literally using the most recent unofficial update of Pytk and it's necessary to run SVE. The other two, I don't even know where to start.

    Is anyone able to help me, or at least point me to a place where there might be someone who can?
    • SorryLate

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      I check comment in Pytk Nexus, a lot peoples also complaining about error on DayStarted event. Maybe it's cause your problem, but i'm not sure too because you use so many mod.
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        PyTK has a bug that won't allow new custom honey. Remove any from the game and see if that helps.

        CFR is now outdated - there's a PFM version for Coffee Maker. You can download PPJA Producer Converter if you still have any old CFR machines. You may have to remove Indoor Beehouse - it hasn't been updated to 1.4 or PFM and might be causing the crash. People are also having issues with Custom Furniture - you may have to wait till they're updated and working before using them again.

        Mega Storage is no longer being maintained; use ChestEx instead.

        Use the PFM rules to enable quality output and uninstall Quality Products.

        Eemie's recolour mod needs a valid value for it to work.

        I don't know too much about frameworks but try these suggestions and reload the game. If it persists post a new log. It's possible that there's something deeper but PyTK is probably the biggest source of your problem.
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          [EDIT] Take a look:

          You could just download Pytk version 1.12.11 from nexusmods and see if that works. I have it installed and I haven't gotten any error messages, but I haven't attempted to progress though the game and save. Let me know if that helps
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            If you're having trouble pinpointing the source, try the binary search method; take out half your mods, try to play fall 1. If it works, then the problem is in the half you took out, if it's still a problem, it's in the half you left in. Replicate the process until you find your problem. I only recently was told about this and it really is more efficient!
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              THe PyTK issue is just PyTK grousing about existing, iirc last time someone had that issue they had glitchy invalid honey and it was solved by tossing the invalid honey into the bin so it the game didn't have to try to save it
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                @Melindee: Thank you so much for taking the time to examine my log. This is a lot of great advice. I didn't know about ChestEx or PFM rules, or the strange bug with Pytk. I don't know anything about custom honeys, but doesn't that basically mean any mod that adds new flowers? I will try all of these suggestions on my next attempt and post the results.
                • Melindee

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                  I had the PyTK issue before so I looked into it and custom honey seems to be the culprit - since the 1.4 update more custom honey can be made but PyTK doesn't seem to recognize them and crashes the game.

                  As I said, CFR is no longer being maintained - Platynomous have not addressed any issues from their mods so use the unofficial versions till they get updated with bug fixes. I would suggest finding substitutes but PyTK is still required for some mods.

                  Recolour issues can also crash the game so address those as well.

                  Any CFR machines should still function with the converter mod but I suggest removing these and keep the Artisan Valley machines. PFM mods are being made all the time so you should have no problem finding something to suit your needs
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                    Companion NPCs 모드를 업데이트 해주세요!! 절실합니다!!

                    Please update the Companion NPCs mod! Desperate !!

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                      No recipe or purchase option that I can find anywhere. Where do i get it?
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                        er.... context please?
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                          I have JA :) - so thank you. and strange, I swear I had this downloaded.. but who knows. ive just un-installed and reinstalled stuff.
                          some mods hated my comp haha. sorry rambles.
                          thanks again!
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                            Hi there! I love this mod and I appreciate the hard work that has gone into it. I'm running into the same issue that was reported on Dec 9. There is a conflict between these mods and the new workbench and mini-fridge. Is there a more recent update to this mod that I'm missing? I downloaded the files (Quality 2.1.3-unofficial... and AutoQualityPatch 2.1.3-unofficial... as renamed by Pathoschild) from the Dec 13 post.
                            • Vandon

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                              Was posted a bit back:
                              Edit the config.json file
                              "DisableQuality": [], and make it look like :
                              "DisableQuality": ["Cooking"],
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                                Sorry if this has already been resolved, but has Prismatic Tools by stokastic been updated for SMAPI 3.1.0? The last update I see on here is build 1.7.2., which Seawolf says was updated for SMAPI 3.0.0. If someone could update it or link me to a newer version that would be great! Thank you everyone for your hard work :)

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