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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    The Quality Products AutoQuality patch seems to be broken in with Automate 1.15. You can roll back to Automate 1.14.2 and it works without errors except for the upgrade message in the console.
    Posted a bug in the quality products page at nexus, however since the author hasn't updated in a while I'm hoping we can get an 'unofficial' fix :)

    Something went wrong processing machines: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Boolean Pathoschild.Stardew.Automate.IStorage.TryGetIngredient(Int32, Int32, Pathoschild.Stardew.Automate.IConsumable ByRef)'. at SilentOak.AutoQualityPatch.Patches.AutomatePatcher.SetInput(IMachine __instance, Boolean& __result, IStorage input)
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      Came to ask about the same thing, thanks for the heads up on the rollback!
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        You lot are a blessing, thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
        This community is absolutely amazing!
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          A clothing mod that replaces XNB files doesn't work anymore.
          Did anything change with the way the game loads clothes?
          I'm trying to make the mod called "Stardew Valley東方Project二次創作MOD" work again.
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            Thank you very much kind person! I think this would do the trick for me.
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              SadMachine, clothes are now items; you will need to convert that clothing mod to a JsonAssets pack.
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                I second this as well! As well as a look at whether special mead from different flowers can also be incorporated like in the original. Thanks, peeps!
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                  Hey. There is an error in the Magic Prestige mod where the magic points are removed before resetting skill points. As such if you have the potential skill giving +2 magic points then the reset leaves you with -2 points.
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                    I press Z and nothing is happening no idea what is going on but quite annoying considering it's the only mod of it's kind available at the moment
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                      Hello, I'd like to request an unofficial fix if it's possible for my favorite mod Opalie's Wedding Mod...

                      What's happening is that it gets stuck when asking where to hold the wedding. No matter what I select in the dialogue box, the dialogue box just pops up again. I have to close out of the game, the wedding won't proceed.

                      Since so many others are having the same prob since 1.4, and nobody's heard from Opalie in a while, I just really hope someone might come up with a bandaid in the meantime... I would appreciate that so much T_T

                      Here's my log when I tried to get married, there's an error message:

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                        Hello, after SMAPI updated i've recived alot of crashes even after i updated the mods,the game crashes everytime i go to bed, i'd like to request to check if there's any errors in my mods, thank you.

                        Here's my Log:
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                          I think More Weapons is conflicting with JsonAssets and crashing your game.

                          Also you don't seem to have any packs for CFR or Advanced Location Loader, so those can be removed.
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                            my seasonal flowers that i made also stopped working. anyone got any ideas why?
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                              The very, very short version is that XNB replacement modding has no update checks, no cross-mod compatibilty, breaks whenever the game updates, cause a lot of hard to diagnose problems, are difficult to uninstall without verifying your game files and therefore uninstalling all XNB replacers, are much more limited than mods that go in your Mods folder, and are harder to install than just "drop into mods folder, done".
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                                Here, Json Assets is required since clothing is an item now. You can get the clothing using CJB Item Spawner or Customize Anywhere.

                                I'm slowly working on this. So far I have all the chairs and benches converted.

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