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    I picked this game up after watching a friend play and learning it has cross-platform multiplayer support - so far, I love it to death, especially the cool spin that the crit condition system gives to its Advance Wars heritage.

    I'm lucky enough to have gotten into it after the latest update, before which there seems to have been no difficulty or animation speed selection, stuff like that. It's very nice to see the developers pay attention to quality of life feedback like that post-release.

    That said, I have three remaining major gripes with how this game currently handles, and only one of them affects the game proper:

    1) Menus don't remember your place.

    This is a major bugbear of mine - it's clunky enough for backing out of local multiplayer map selection to throw you back to the start screen, but what makes this much worse is the custom content menu.

    Currently, when you download any custom map, the menu reloads and resets to page 1 of your filtered results.
    Usually, you'd want to go down the list and grab anything that interests you on the way, but with how things are currently, you have to slowly get back to your page every single time.

    I would really like to see that gone - I want to enjoy all the custom content people have made, but it's currently a very tedious experience to take a deeper peek into that world of stuff.

    Speaking of custom content,

    2) Custom maps can't be rated or uninstalled from inside their respective level select menu.

    This means your only option to uninstall custom maps is to use the user content menu point - which requires an internet connection, meaning you cannot currently uninstall user-made content when offline.

    Lastly, a personal bug-bear of mine, having enjoyed this system in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin a great deal:

    3) The AI ignores Fog of War to a degree where it bypasses fundamental restrictions

    Obviously, AI is complicated and having it deal with unknowns is very hard to get right, but as of right now, the AI can launch attacks completely outside its sight range onto units hidden in forestry and the like (without scouting dogs), which I would consider to be absolutely unacceptable.

    It's one thing for the AI to be privy to information that a human player isn't - it's quite another for it to ignore restrictions on something this fundamental to Fog of War strategy when the player has to obey them.

    Looking into this issue, I've found some mentions of Chucklefish knowing of, and looking into the trouble with how AI considers Fog of War (or rather, how it doesn't), dated around a month back. Is this still on the radar of things to adjust?

    Honestly, I'd be fine with it cheating (doesn't all AI, to some degree) as long as it's not this blatant about it...

    (It bugs me especially because I LOVE the way Fog of War looks in this game - the smoothly flowing sepia old-map aesthetic for areas outside your vision, filling in with colour where your units can see? Mmmmhh.)

    Okay! That's all I can think of! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my two cents.

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